4 Anal Play Positions for Couples

Not everyone is up for back-door fun but if you’ve never explored the pleasure of anal sex or analingus, it’s something you should at least try once. This highly sensitive area is full of nerve endings that when stimulated properly can send you or your lover to new sexual heights. I’ll admit, when I was younger and inexperienced, I didn’t think I’d ever let anyone stick anything in there, but as I became older and more explorative… it’s become part of my sexual repertoire. Here are a few positions to try that will enhance your anal play.

4 Anal Play Positions

1. 69
One of the most popular positions because either lover can be on top, head-to-heel. And if you think your session is going to be a long one, you can both lie sideways for maximum comfortability. Giving and receiving oral and anal pleasure at the same time can be mind blowing with the right partner!

2. Facesitting
You’ll have to take turns in this position, but it’s perfect for couples with only one person who wants to perform analingus. This is also a great position for the man who likes having his face smothered in a warm and wet, delicious pussy. Facesitting has become a popular fetish and has many porn videos to prove it.

3. Back on Chest
This is where the woman will lie on top with her back against the man’s chest. While he is investigating her pleasure parts, she can reach around behind her head and massage his balls or stroke his cock. She may even be able to lick it in this position!

4. Pillow Prop
One partner lies on their stomach with pillows under their hips, bottom pointed up. It’s a sexy look and gives the giver easy access for sliding anything from his cock to finger to tongue in. It’s also a great position for those who enjoy spanking.

Before you dip into anal play, always remember good hygiene and hair care down below. Keep it clean. Keep it tidy.

What’s your fave position for anal play?

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