Why Vibrators are So Good for Older Women

Occasionally I hook up with Amy and Dave, an older couple I’ve been involved with for several years. Sometimes Amy and I fool around in bed. If you’re meeting a friend for lunch or the gym, may as well get it on, right?

Amy and I like dildos to get off when Dave’s not home to service us. She prefers using non-vibrating penetrative toys to vibrating ones, so I was surprised when she asked me to use a vibrating bullet to pleasure her.

I thought she was experimenting with something new, but she surprised me by saying her doctor recommended it as a health aid as she approaches the menopause journey. I’ve heard of hormones, herbs, and exercise, but a vibrator?

As society becomes more open and recognizes women as sexual beings, the taboo about women’s health, and sex and aging, becomes less rigid. It’s a ways off for me, but since the subject is relevant to some of my lovers, and maybe yours, Amy gave me the need-to-know, and it’s worth sharing.

It’s not the first time women’s health complaints have been treated with vibrators.

The first thing I asked was whether the prescribed vibrator I was rubbing against her pussy was a throwback to the era when women’s issues were dismissed as “neuroses” or “hysteria” and “cured” with a clinical, mechanical orgasm of a different name. Are vibrators for aging women a lay-back-and-shut-up prescription to distract from solutions to sexual problems and health concerns?

It’s quite the contrary—vibrators are a result of actually LISTENING to the sexual health needs of older women.

Sex can help maintain vaginal health and prevent negative menopausal symptoms.

With declining reproductive hormones, women often menstruate less often until they stop altogether. This sounds great, but the changes can mean reduced vaginal elasticity, loss of muscle tone and skin structure at the cellular level, a bladder that droops, poor lubrication, thinning vagina walls, reduced blood flow, and something no woman—or man—wants to hear: vaginal atrophy.

For women approaching the middle years, the best defence against “losing it” is “using it.”

Regular sex keeps the blood flowing and though hormones drop, they are still circulating through the tissues and bloodstream.

Vibrators are unique in providing added stimulation, to increase lubrication and stimulate vaginal muscles.

Many younger women find the good vibrations too intense, but as the bodily processes of sex begin to fluctuate and fade in intensity, the vibrator can stimulate with the needed intensity.

Vibrations near or inside the vagina will naturally make the muscles there contract, and that’s a great thing for keeping the vagina strong and healthy.

As hormones drop, greater stimulation is needed for orgasm.

Some women find the intensity of orgasm is much milder as they get older, and others have difficulty getting there at all. This is thanks to waning hormones, and most women think it’s finished for them.

A vibrator can restore the intensity of orgasm.

Vibrators are great for masturbation.

While many women of middle age or older have lots of partners because they are polyamorous, many are single because they are transitioning from divorce or have lost their libido.

Amy’s doctor said women should schedule in “me time.” In other words, even if you aren’t in the mood, masturbate with a vibrator through to orgasm. The simple mechanics of a solo quickie with a magic wand or silver bullet are good for her health.

Most women masturbate at least part of the time without bothering to penetrate the vagina—we rub our clits and come. That’s great, but apparently we should all get into the habit of masturbating several times a week with a dildo or penetrative vibrator to exercise the vagina and keep the tissues and blood flow active.

Solo, together, with three or more—get your lady friends vibrating with passion. The holidays are over, but bring her an amazing gift and show her this post. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Let us know about her favorite vibrators.

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