Poly-Friendly Vacation Ideas and Destinations

Need a vacation? If you’re polyamorous, traveling or taking a time out with your polycule can be challenging in a world that is just starting to affirm polyamory.

Finding poly-friendly vacation destinations and travel ideas takes a bit of pluck and a bit of detective work, but there are many paths to a rewarding, poly-friendly vacation.

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11 Tips for Poly-Friendly Vacations

1. Seek a Polyamory-Friendly Travel Agent

Check on Google, LinkedIn, or in poly-friendly business directories to find a travel agent who is polyamorous or who caters to non-monogamous clients.

This can open all kinds of doors and resources straight off the bat. They may be able to suggest not only a destination, but a list of best bet restaurants and attractions.

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2. Find Poly-Friendly Airbnbs

Use poly-friendly vacation recommendations from your friends.

By simply talking with your poly friends about their travel experiences, you can get loads of essential information from someone who has already done the legwork. If they stayed in a poly-friendly accommodation, find out if you can, too. They may have tips for comfort and safety from their own experiences.

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3. Keep Your Options Open

Going somewhere you’ve dreamed of visiting that is not open to polyamory doesn’t always mean you need to restrict your travel as a throuple or polycule. If you are willing to blend in or stay on the down low for the duration of the visit, you can see a lot of the world. It all depends on your desires and expectations.

In some countries, a man and woman have to be married before they can even book a hotel, and single women aren’t encouraged or allowed to travel! So it’s not just poly-unfriendly: some deeply conservative or politically dangerous places have all kinds of rules.

When traveling to democratic destinations, you do not need special permission to live, love and vacation. Even if people aren’t specifically poly-friendly, the relationship of their guests may be nobody’s business. For example, if you stay in a large hotel in Toronto or Paris, no one is going to ask you who you’re sleeping with or if you are married.

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4. Do Research on Culture and Laws Before

On the other hand, while we work towards a free world for everyone, including those of us who are polyamorous, we have to be aware of risks and social conventions.

In destinations where it is illegal to be gay, guys in an MMF throuple will not be free to canoodle or express themselves together, even if it’s acceptable in that place for a man to have three wives. Be aware of life on the ground where you want to go, and decide if it can work for you.

Remember, you can always call and ask whether lodging facilities, tour bookings, or any other services accept non-monogamous visitors. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourselves, before landing somewhere.

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5. Find LGBTQA2S+ Vacations and Destinations

Whether or not you or others in your polycule identity as gay, any places that welcome and cater to an LGBTQA2S+ clientele will be more open minded and liberal about people’s relationships and lifestyles. If you see a rainbow flag symbol anywhere, this is generally a safe space for everyone.

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6. Enjoy Polyamory Retreats

Just as there are couple’s retreats, there are poly retreats. These are sometimes designed for relationship and intimacy coaching, and sometimes they are just relaxation and social events for people who are polyamorous. You can find all these on polyamory websites and through community recommendations.

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7. Attend Polyamory Conventions and Conferences

From Arizona to Lisbon to Germany, there are all kinds of poly-friendly vacations to be had if attending a polyamory convention or non-monogamy conference sounds like your cup of tea.

These events are designed to be of unique interest to polyamorous people, and bring supportive communities together. The themes will range from advocacy and activism to sex to yoga to spirituality.

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8. Book a Swingers Cruise

A poly-friendly vacation idea for adventurous couples is the trend for swingers cruises. Many travel companies now cater to organizing cruises for swingers. There are many destinations and on-board events for meeting other couples, encouraging erotic encounters if the chemistry is right.

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9. Get Your Kink On at Fetish Festivals

There are international fetish and kink festivals in Montreal, Berlin, California and beyond. These are multi-day parties that cater to BDSM and to kinky people of all stripes.

If you and your lovers are kinky, all fetish communities are open to diverse relationships. You will meet singles, gay couples, straight couples, and other polycules. There will be balls and dances, parades, BDSM scenes, dinners, socials, toy sales, kink education sessions, advocacy, and much more.

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10. Travel to Known Poly-Friendly Destinations

Generally speaking, democratic nations that uphold rights for women and gay people by law will be relatively safe and poly-friendly.

There are also many other places that can work because they are very tourist-centered or tourist-dependent. For example, with a bit of discretion you may be able to enjoy Morocco and Tunisia. If you are looking for swinging or major public displays of affection, these places won’t work. But if you don’t mind pulling it back a little, the world is your oyster.

Tel Aviv and Israel in general are quite liberal and gay friendly and poly friendly in many respects. Mexico’s numerous resort regions and diverse cities are very accustomed to all kinds of tourists and may be very comfortable.

If you want to fully be yourself, major urban centres in western nations that have extensive polyamorous networks and poly-friendly vibes include Paris, London, Berlin, Toronto, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Montreal, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens, and pretty much any big city in the west.

Places like Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, will also be very open minded.

Check your country’s travel advice and advisories for worldwide destinations before traveling for more information regarding safety.

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11. Embrace Nature in Cottage Country

A poly-friendly vacation may mean total relaxation and some great outdoors. In Canada, America, and really, anywhere in the world, you can rent a cottage or isolated, remote dwelling.

Canoeing, mushroom foraging, playing board games, and roasting hot dogs with lovers with few others in the vicinity sounds like paradise. You may be able to find a rental from poly friends who can give you the low down on the neighbors and nearby stores and services.

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What travel destinations do you dream of for poly vacations? Please share!

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