10 Polyamorous Blogs to Follow for ENM Exploration

Polyamory blogs are a great way to learn more about ethical non-monogamy and gain knowledge about other poly people’s experiences and perspectives.

If you are exploring or practicing ethical non-monogamy, you know polyamory is much more than just dating or hookups. Ethical nonmonogamy is about philosophy, lifestyle, community, advocacy, family, and more.

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There are countless topics that require contemplation, subjects applicable in monogamous relationships and poly relationships alike, like financial management and jealousy concerns. Other issues are specific to polyamory, like getting along with metamours or how to handle discrimination from workplaces and schools when your family is poly.

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Polyamorous blogs have a wealth of information on all the stuff you want to know!

10 Blogs About Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy

1. Poly Land

Poly Land is polyamory blog with Page Turner, a popular relationship coach who has been cited by major media outlets like Glamour, Self, and Huffington Post. Page has books on “unicorn ranching,” difficult metamours, and more, and there is a wealth of detailed relationship information here.

From new ways to look at an imperfect person to making space for positive emotions, you’ll find nuanced insights here into real relationship issues and joys. There is just as much nuanced sex stuff, too, from blogs on asexual polyamory to BDSM negotiation.

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2. Polyamory in the News

In this polyamory blog, Alan M. links and discusses various media articles from around the web on polyamory and related issues.

Polyamory in the News gives polyamorous people and ethical non-monogamy explorers an easy way to keep track of the ways polyamory is being presented in various news articles and how it shows up, often positively, but not always, in journals and papers.

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3. Ready for Polyamory

Laura Boyle, an advocate for relationship anarchy, has been in Cosmo, Glamour, and The Economist. Her background is in law, and she is a relationship coach and educator.

Her polyamorous blog offers an introduction for folks ready for polyamory, as well as a thorough polyamory glossary, and blog posts on everything from who sleeps where to support for poly parents.

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4. Shrimp Teeth

Shrimp Teeth is a polyamorous blog on “queer, polyamorous, and kinky education.”

It is not frequently updated but has an outstanding variety of queer polyamory niche articles in its archives, including blogs on queer swimwear, liberating homonormativity, vegan sex ed, ceramic toys, and more. You can access peer support services as well.

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5. Minka Guides

This polyamorous blog is with Bronwyn, a former burlesque performer, who is a solo polyamorist and genderqueer person from Australia.

Minka Guides is part travel blog for polyamorists and part lifestyle blog. Discover interesting non-monogamy destinations like Barcelona Pride, and read about issues such as “Can Women be Drag Queens?” Lots of poly relationship and sex advice too.

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6. The Polyamorists Next Door

Psychology Today is the mainstream magazine and website for psychology subjects, with a monthly glossy publication of general interest psych topics and a huge website with experts on diverse psychology themes.

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff’s on-site polyamory blog is The Polyamorist Next Door, about polyamorous people, communities, and family. She is a renowned academic, writer, and expert on polyamorous families and gender.

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7. Monogamish

Monogamish is a poly blog about “stories and tips for relationship rebels.” Sarah Stroh tells us personal and general sex, relationship and travel stories. These thoughtful, engaging encounters celebrate the ins and outs of poly life and love.

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8. Discovering Polyamory

Discovering Polyamory is a polyamorous blog with multiple writers, focused on issues for those exploring and starting out in the poly world. Examples of blog posts include “6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try Polyamory” and “How to Deal With Jealousy in Polyamory.”

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9. Curious Fox

“Curious Fox inspires individuals to challenge the status quo in love, sex, and relationships…” reads this polyamory blog’s declaration. It’s for everyone, of any orientation or gender.

They have a great podcast with different presenters, including Polyamorous while Asian with Michelle Hy, Curious Fox, Exploring the Asexuality Spectrum with Angela Chen, and Fox Tales: Black, Queer and Kinky in the City with Tiana Glittersaurus Rex.

Blog posts range widely in topic from choosing your sex toys to your first lesbian experience to how to be an ethically non-monogamous parent.

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10. Multiamory

Multiamory is not so much a polyamory blog as a polyamory podcast now, which “believes in looking to the future of relationships, not maintaining the status quo of the past. We value ethics over tradition, and we believe that a healthy world is one where everybody has agency in their relationships.”

A team of nine diverse polyamorous experts provides friendly and practical information on all kinds of polyamory or “multiamory” subjects. Each podcast episode has a blurb or outline for those who want to skim the vitals.

Podcasts are weekly, and recent topics include “Love on a Budget,” “Are You Polyamorous or Just Pretending?” and “Neurodiversity and the Benefits and Challenges of Non-Monogamy.” The challenges showcase many guests, including doctors, therapists, academics, writers, and more. It’s a treasure trove of substantial, meaningful conversations that are current and insightful.

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11. Polyamory Today

This polyamory blog, Polyamory Today, has been “your resource for ethical non-monogamy since 2012.” We have an overflowing archive of sex and relationship advice from different polyamorous writers from diverse backgrounds.

You can learn more about everything from cuckolding to how to juggle holidays with poly lovers. We love sex and celebrate it for solo lovers, couples, throuples, polycules, and more!

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What is your go-to poly blog? Please share your recommendations!

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