Non-Monogamy and Polyamory Podcasts – 10 Polyamory Podcasts to Check Out

In your polyamory journey, you may be looking for polyamory podcasts or non-monogamy podcasts to inspire and inform.

Listening to polyamory podcasts is a great way to connect with others in the non-monogamy communities, learn more about polyamory, and be educated and entertained by like-minded individuals, couples, throuples, and more.

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We explored a variety of non-monogamy podcasts that you may enjoy. Check them out!

10 Polyamory Podcasts

1. Multiamory

At Multiamory, their statement is, “We believe in looking to the future of relationships, not maintaining the status quo of the past. We value ethics over tradition, and we believe that a healthy world is one where everybody has agency in their relationships.”

This is a multiamory podcast from those who believe that “conventional relationship advice is toxic and outdated.” With emphasis on diverse non-monogamy approaches and identities, this polyamory podcast dives in to all kinds of relationship subjects, with sex being only one of many topics.

The podcast hosts talk with all kinds of different multiamory authors and thinkers. Recent podcasts are about “coming out” to your parents, chatting with “manwhore” stand-up comic Billy Procida, and critical self-reflection in “What if You’re the Toxic One?”

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2. The Monogamish Marriage

The Monogamish Marriage is a polyamory podcast featuring a monogamish couple.

“We are a happily married, professional couple from Toronto, Canada, together since 2011, who have been exploring the wide world of consensual non-monogamy from the beginning of our relationship. As we try to put our thoughts into words, maybe we’ll understand our journey a little better ourselves.”

They state that their mission is to give you an honest window into their sexual adventures, the good and the bad, without sugar coating anything.

Each non-monogamy podcast is roughly an hour long, give or take, and some of the topics discussed include dating separately, body image, pornography, jealousy, hotwifing, erections, and boundaries.

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3. Ready for Polyamory

Ready for Polyamory is a polyamory podcast with Laura Boyle.

The site states that this non-monogamy podcast is about meeting various guests “to present the concepts and nuances of consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, and relationship skills in general.”

Laura is the author of Ready for Polyamory: A Pragmatic Guide to Consensual Non-Monogamy.

Laura’s recent episodes include chats on breakups, relationship anarchy, and the nonbinary polyamorous experience.

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4. Nope, We’re Not Monogamous!

This non-monogamy podcast is with Ellecia Paine, a non-monogamy relationship coach, and offers over 50 episodes.

“Listen in to the candid conversations that give you a peek into the inner lives of other non-monogamous folks. Hear how they’ve overcome challenges like jealousy, insecurity, and social scrutiny. And celebrate with them as they share all the reasons it’s worth it to have relationships that don’t fit in the box.”

Ellecia talks with guests about a variety of important polyamory issues. Learn about “Shedding Labels and Overcoming Societal Expectations with Alex Cox,” “Embracing Compersion in Your Relationships with Dr. Marie Thouin,” and “Unlearning Monogamy and Embracing Queer Polyamory.”

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5. Normalizing Non-Monogamy

At Normalizing Non-Monogamy, you’ll find a non-monogamy podcast with over 300 episodes.

They share that their “podcast is about more than swinging and polyamory. It’s about inclusivity.” Each week, they share “stories from across the spectrums of race, gender, sexuality, and non-monogamy.”

This polyamory podcast is a great way to get to know other people who practice non-monogamy and learn from their experiences and insights. Whether single, partnered, in a throuple, nesting, opening a marriage, or in bereavement for a deceased partner, you’ll navigate real life issues with people from all walks.

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6. Non-Monogamy Help

Non-Monogamy Help is an “advice column and podcast for people in non-monogamous, polyamorous and open relationships.”

With over 100 non-monogamy podcasts, there is a treasure trove of really amazing and detailed discussions here on intimacy, sex, and all kinds of problems that can arise in polyamory.

The focus is on help or advice, so there are lots of questions and concerns about everything from personality disorders, health including STIs, intimacy, long-distance polyamory, and more. For those looking for nitty gritty discussions, this is the right place.

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7. Double Teamed with Cami and Niki

This is a unique polyamory podcast, with twin sisters “on a mission to bring awareness to non-monogamy, kink, and sexuality and help make these taboo subjects more understood and accepted by our younger generations.”

Cami and Niki share their experiences with kinky love and polyamory. “Screw monogamy!” Forget about that one special person and meet lots of special people. Expect candid convos about daddy issues, unicorns, and what it’s like to have chlamydia.

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8. Exploring Alternative Relationships

Exploring Alternative Relationships is a non-monogamy podcast that helps folks navigate the transition from traditional relationships to polyamory.

“This podcast interviews people who started with monogamous relationships and discusses how they started to explore different ways of being with other people.”

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9. Making Polyamory Work

Making Polyamory Work is a polyamory podcast “grounded in reality and untamed honesty.”

Host Libby Sinback addresses “the hard questions about creating and maintaining authentic, loving, and healthy non-monogamy relationships.”

Recent podcast episodes address “don’t ask don’t tell” arrangements, asexuality, and coming out to your children.

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10. Amory

Amory is a non-monogamy podcast hosted by polycule Megan and Marty Bhatia, and Kyle Henry.

There is a fourth member of their polycule who is not “out” because “not everyone can be.”

“We hope to be a voice for those who can’t tell their story. We simply aim to normalize the journey into loving how we see fit. Love is love, and we hope that our audience simply gains something from us sharing our journey as authentically as we can.”

The podcast is about non-monogamy, disclosure, polyamorous relationships, sex, and more, including plant medicine and trauma.

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What podcasts about polyamory and non-monogamy are you listening to?

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