Swingers Cruise 101: Swinging on the Sea 

Does a swingers cruise sound like the Love Boat of your dreams?  Would an exotic vacation flirting and playing with your partner and new lovers be almost paradise? 

If you and your lover enjoy sexy holidays and mixing and mingling with like-minded others, a swingers cruise could be the perfect holiday adventure!

Swingers cruises cater to people who enjoy the swinging lifestyle, with all the luxury and beauty and sunshine associated with a cruise to a gorgeous destination.

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What Is a Swingers Cruise? 

A swingers cruise is an ocean travel vacation package on a cruise ship, often to a sunny global hotspot like Mexico, Fiji, or multiple destinations. Some cruises go to other kinds of climates and destinations such as Norway or Alaska.

A swingers cruise would have the same basic ideas of any cruise vacation package, but it caters to swingers—that is, to people in the specific non-monogamous lifestyle of swinging. Swinging is when couples in a relationship enjoy sex and socializing with other couples.

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What Happens on a Swingers Cruise? 

A swingers cruise is very much like a swingers party or swingers social event, except it’s the whole holiday. People who practice swinging are the ones on the cruise, and the vacation is an opportunity to meet other couples for socializing, flirting, dancing, games, sports, shopping, sunbathing, sightseeing, and sex.

Every swingers cruise will vary slightly in what’s on offer, the same way a cruise varies in its itinerary. The vacation and cruise ship events themselves generally include dining, bars, music, entertainment shows, games or other activities, and enjoying the sunshine or moonlight.

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The swinging aspect will mean that there are lots of opportunities for meeting and mingling with other couples. Often, there are diverse activities options from yoga to casino games to cooking classes

There may be a variety of socials planned and entertainment options. Most swingers cruises will have sexy and sex-positive options for entertainment and participation. These might include everything from hot tub socials to bachelorette-style trivia games like naughty bingo to kink or fetish workshops or tantra seminars. There will be lounges and boudoir areas for play and for sex. Some swingers cruises may have nude or topless events or burlesque shows.

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While the whole point of a swingers cruise is, of course, swinging, the cruise is a vacation package and meant to be a time of relaxation, socializing, and adventure.

There will be a lot of programmed activities that double as times to meet other couples and flirt or beyond. Dining, happy hours, dancing and other traditional cruise activities will double as places to connect with possible dates. There will be areas and events with a sensual, romantic, or kinky atmosphere.

Who Goes on Swinger Cruises? 

A swinger lifestyle vacation such as the swinger cruise welcomes anyone in a couple—usually non-monogamous heterosexual swinger couples looking to swing—of course, but curious or open-minded monogamous couples sometimes take a swingers cruise for the adventure. Some swingers cruises are for gay or lesbian couples and/or bisexual swingers.

Getting specific demographics outside of that is tricky when it comes to accuracy. Most cruises in general have an older and upscale or wealthy demographic majority, including swingers cruises. Caucasian Americans make up the majority demographics of many cruise and swinger demographic surveys, but there are lots of European tourists too who enjoy cruises. And this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any swinger couples on swinger cruises from other cultures or backgrounds. 

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Among swingers in general, it is also tough to get accurate numbers by self-identification surveys. But if there are American surveys where the majority of swingers are white and some are each Hispanic, Black, Middle Eastern, this would somewhat reflect the demographics at large.

Non-monogamous couples and lifestyle services for them exist throughout each culture. India has a subculture for swinging, for example. So does Mexico. Not everyone calls their lifestyle “swinging.”

Swingers are cut roughly down the middle by gender, which makes sense since the swinging thing was started by heterosexual couples.

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Most people on cruises are older. There are a few young adults, a few thirtysomethings, then a range of middle-aged and older folks making up the majority of the cruisers. Swingers cruises spready out about a third, on average, in the 20 to 30 range, a third in middle age, and a third older adults. 

If you feel most comfortable with a specific demographic such as age or culture, you might find a swingers cruise that appeals to them as a target market. 

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Do You Have to Swap on a Swingers Cruise? 

No. There are all kinds of events and activities going on to engage in. 

There is no guarantee that you will hit it off with anyone you meet. A simple “no thank you” is all you need if someone invites you to swing and you aren’t interested.

What to Bring on a Swingers Cruise 

Pack for a swingers cruise the same way you would pack for a cruise in general—swimwear, evening wear, comfortable shoes for sightseeing on land, sunscreen, and sunglasses. 

Bring condoms, lube, sex toys, kink toys, and whatever else you like to have for sex.

Most anything you forget, you’ll likely be able to buy easily on board.

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How to Meet Swingers on Any Cruise 

There are a lot of swingers on any cruise, not just swingers cruises. There are various kinds of playful insignia you can look for, such as the pineapple pin on a bathing suit or hotel door. However, the best way is to simply give off the open-to-connect vibe is through friendly interactions and playful exchanges.

Just as a single person would need to connect socially and see if another person is interested, couples looking to connect with other couples will find those open to that connection.

Don’t be creepy, but it’s okay to let people know you and your husband or girlfriend are open and on vacation to flirt. It doesn’t hurt to ask a couple you find attractive if they are looking for other couples to date.

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How to Find a Swinger Cruise

You can find a swingers cruise easily by Googling online. You’ll find a variety of options, and you can look at reviews to see what other couples thought.

Some outfits specialize in listing different swinger cruises, such as The Swinger Cruise.

You can also ask swingers you know who have been on a swinger cruise for their recommendations. Word of mouth is the best way!

Are you thinking about going on a swingers cruise? Have you been already? Please share!

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