Epic Sex Club Adventure

Is This The Tipping Point of Toronto’s 21st Century Sexual Awakening?

On Tuesday, January 22nd, the City of Toronto woke up in its southern Ontario bed as usual… except, that morning, the bed comfortably held the memories of a few new lovers in it. And Toronto will NEVER be the same again after what happened the night before.

An eternal ~thank you~ goes out to the University of Toronto SEC (Sexual Education Center) and Oasis Aqualounge  for taking on the challenge of responsibly enlightening a possibly confused, judgemental, curious and/or simply uninformed populace about the positive results of throwing an “epic sex club adventure”. The radical (to some) idea to promote student and community interaction and relationship-building (as opposed to having another drunken keg party where half the memories made are erased by the next morning and a head full of hangover regret lingers) was met with wildly divergent reactions, from all directions. Undaunted, the people got what they wanted, and there ultimately wasn’t a problem. It would be a blessing to have adventures like these happen more often…

For those who have never been to a sex club: take a trip down the rabbit hole with us.

Trust is the first step one takes into Love!

Oasis Aqualounge, comfortably tucked on Mutual St. just south of Carlton St., and east of Jarvis St., has been promoting mature intimacy events for a few years now. This University of Toronto co-sponsored event was a magnificent success.

I arrived at the club on a brisk Monday around 7PM; there was a line-up outside of approxiamately 200 friendly and frisky students (who could bring one guest). Despite the rumored “U of T orgy” as it was hyped on Reddit.com and in the mainstream media, this event was a clothing-optional house party. Scantily-clad ladies discussed philosophy with gentlemen lounging in their underwear while friends fooled around on the smooth black couch beside them… and a few did end up having sex (which happens at ANY good house party).

The majority of patrons were wearing clothes and perusing the sexualized environment… especially those outside the “Red Room”, one of the many delightful attractions at Oasis. Two-way mirrors allowed voyeurs to enjoy different couples engaging in frisky foreplay or full-on Kama Sutra-inspired fucking. The third floor in the brightly-lit, clean and cozy funhouse is where the love happens and the lust erupts. On the first floor, the PG-ish fun can unfold, whether it’s in the outdoor pool, the crisp wood-panelled sauna, the ample steam room, or on the dance floor (complete with gold stripper pole).

Pristine, colorful, and instantly comfortable, the entire house is a bit like a dream scene from your favorite 80’s sex-friendly movie, with a touch of 70’s decor sprinkled here and there, and a 21st century evolved-idealist sexual ethos floating through the air. You’re going to have to go for yourself to find out what’s on the second floor, AND what’s in the VIP booth on the fourth floor…

The scene was set for a wonderful night of intellectual and intimate interaction for Toronto’s open couples, voyeurs, and identity explorers, complete with misinformed media hype and hypocritical social shame and stigma… and defeat all that opposition and conservative ignorance, it certainly did.

Neither the judgemental bible thumpers screaming negativity on the megaphone and waving protest banners outside the venue nor the stern police officer demanding the line up remain ordered could stop the night from unfolding. U of T students gathered in an orderly fashion and filled up the club with a multi-cultured mix of boys and girls to look, listen, and lick each other. Walking across the pool deck and then jumping into an expansive heated outdoor oasis (into the open arms of a lovely brunette lady friend awaiting a special delivery of soft and wet kisses from me) is a memory I shall hold close to my heart for all-time.

The clearly articulated and well-advertised rules for all manner of engagement in the club were posted and gently enforced for everyone in attendance. Nobody seemed to be unsafe or unhappy. It was a gathering of people across the spectrum – uncomfortable spectators to exhibitionist potential pornstars and everything in between.

I left after five hours in this slice of paradise in the City of Toronto, wandering in a daze of delight and surprise. Like wow, does this place really exist in my city now? I’ve been to Wicked three times, but Aqua was notably more inclusive and open-minded. I appreciate that they both exist in Toronto, but Oasis Aqualounge is a heavenly blessing wrapped in a studded latex condom making love to a well-lubricated vagina with a pink vibrator on the clit. How many places offer a mirth-inducing opportunity for a room full of new friends to play Nude Twister?

Always in love,
Addi Stewart

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