Sexy Lips

What is Feminist Pornography?

THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL FEMINIST PORN CONFERENCE by TRISTAN TAORMINO Heaven quietly came to (and inside) the University of Toronto. A delightful gathering of sex-positive

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Polyamory Misconceptions

Serious Fun This is education we will be doing for generations, people. We are the new wave, the vanguard, the front line soldiers

Couple with Parents

Explaining Polyamory to Parents

My partner’s parents are ideal. They’re hippies, and think their daughter’s poly relationships are just fine and dandy. My own parents? Well,

Double Date at Bar

Poly Quad Date Ideas

Remember double dating? Maybe you’re too young to remember how cool it was back in the day? How couples would rather hang

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Polyamory: Sex Drive and Stamina

No-Low Libido Believe it or not, I don’t just sit here and blog because I want attention. As a multi-slasher (Poly/Horndog/Chatterbox/Professional Writer)

Fishnets and Sexy Belt

First Burlesque Experience

I Have Distrust Issues, and It Shows Recently, I made a dream come true. I participated in a burlesque show that was