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Believe it or not, I don’t just sit here and blog because I want attention. As a multi-slasher (Poly/Horndog/Chatterbox/Professional Writer) my bosses count on me to bring my personal experience and perspective to topics as assigned. This assignment was an odd one because my perspective is that I have no experience with it.

I was asked to write about “how to get my lady in the mood when her libido is low”. Once again, for context, I’m the secondary partner in a successful poly relationship. We’re friends with plenty of other poly couples, for play and hang-time, and let me swear on the record that not once have these women ever suffered a low libido. For reals.

There’s a chicken/egg thing going on:

are highly-sexed women drawn to a polyamorous lifestyle, or does the sexual freedom a polyamorous lifestyle offers make women more highly-sexed?

Who cares. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just one more reason why polys are so happy.

Let me assure you this isn’t a skewed male fantasy, or “just another expectation men have of women” (a feminist friend once suggested so). The guys in this story are physically incapable of keeping up. This is something we’ve discussed amongst ourselves, to great laughter. Ladies, we can’t always manage Round 2 immediately!

And while I’m at it, the intensity unleashed by sexual freedom does more than keep libidinous engines running: These polygirls can cum on a hair-trigger, endlessly; squirt, endlessly; do anything that requires sex-drive and stamina, endlessly.

(Don’t get me wrong – if she has the barfs, of course all bets are off. Although, even then…)

I’ve hijacked this post – which should have been a “Handy Tips to Get Her in the Mood” chart – and instead I once more make the pitch that the glories of a sexually-open, deeply loving relationship with more than one partner is a solid path to happiness. Because when I think about it, I have had experience with women whose libidos would take a nosedive. Each of those cases occurred when I was living in monogamous relationships. Go figure.

Otherwise, if she hasn’t already tried one, butt-plugs can spice things up.

Let Love Rule!

What cures can you offer up for low-level libidos?

Tell us what you think!

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Big Al
5 years ago

Lady’s choice, but take the lead at least once. I have been seduced and it was surprising. Inviting me to sit on the love-seat and kissed me with open lips. We made out for ten or more minutes then I crossed her knee to get centered, rubbing to let her know I had a real boner. I found later that had a low-cut bra that made lifting easy and WOW! Nice 38 D. This would lead to a couple months of enjoyable love making. I would not take the lead so she let me what was available. So, Ladies, if… Read more »

Lola Page
5 years ago
Reply to  Big Al

Thanks for sharing Al!

6 years ago

Libido… variety is the spice of life… so the saying goes… so spice up your sex life by not being “repetitive”… just because it worked okay last time…(or so you think), she is hardly gonna say, “That was boring sex”, because she is concerned about hurting your feelings or deflating your ego, “Tiger”… make life different and exciting… not ashamed to say that I once had sex with a girl in the changing cubicle at “Top-Shop”… the time was right and we were both horny…

7 years ago

I am not going to be one to say be Mr. Suck Up, and try to turn her on by telling her how much you love her because that, in my opinion, just doesn’t work. Couple Book Recommended Men are from Mars Women are from Venus: very superficial but has some basic principles. Find out what she likes e.g. cats, dogs, puppies etc. Go and buy her cute small stuff or a plastic toy. Get it while you’re doing something that woman don’t usually do, like while you’re shopping for tools or something, this suggests you think about her when… Read more »

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