Polyamorous Dating | Review of PoyamorousDating.com

As the name suggests, PolyamorousDating is a dating site that specializes in people open to a consensual and responsible non-monogamous lifestyle. The profiles there are split between couples seeking someone to share in the added fun and support that stems from a healthy and forthright non-traditional relationship and individuals looking for established and open-minded couples to join and enhance.

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Polyamorous Dating is a well-established and long running community, facts that are reflected in the size, geographic diversity and engagement of its member base. The site has a nice mix of curious newcomers who aren’t yet familiar with polyamory and people who have lived and loved the lifestyle for years, or even decades. The site also takes a relaxed, non-threatening, “soft-sell” approach to introducing new members, allowing people to comfortably test the waters of what can be an awkward plunge into the world of non-monogamous relationships.


Having a lot of newbies in the mix is both a blessing and a curse for any dating site, and that’s particularly true in a site that specifically caters to polyamory. Some of the people just getting their feet wet are bound to find that their feet get cold, as well, leading to a certain degree of flakiness; some folks are fine through the first online contact or two, but then go silent when you try to get them to meet in real life. To counter this, it’s important for more experienced couples using the site to not come on too strong with the newbies.


PolyamorousDating represents a safe, relaxed, and low key means of exploring the polyamorous lifestyle for people who are new to it, and a reliable forum for meeting like-minded folks for those who are more experienced with non-monogamous relationships. A no-frills site that eschews bells and whistles in favor of a simple, intuitive interface and personality-driven profiles, PolyamorousDating is a great tool for those who practice open and ethical polyamory.

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