Profile Writing Tips for Poly Couples

Poly couples often use online dating sites to find a third because walking up to a stranger and asking if they want to join your love nest, well, doesn’t always work. With profiles you can be specific, straightforward, honest, and creative – steps that will help you to find what you and your partner are looking for. Here are tips on writing a poly profile:

Separate Profiles. Don’t get me wrong  – I don’t want you to pretend that you are single to find a third but using sites that are not poly-specific will open you up to a wider range of possibilities. There are many people that are open to a poly experience but will not be the first to act. As long as you are upfront about your current relationship and what you are looking for this is a great way to increase your chances.

Honesty Works.  It’s tempting to stretch the truth in a favorable way – a photo or age entry that is a few years younger, a slightly higher salary, or changing your info to match a third you are trying to entice. Not cool. Poly relationships work with direct and honest communication so don’t blow it before you meet.

Write Together. No one knows you better than your primary partner. Write your profile and then let your lover read and edit it. We’re not always aware or able to express our best qualities.

Be Descriptive. How you describe what you and your partner have is key. It needs to breathe life. Someone needs to read about your relationship and think, I want to know these people, I want to experience the kind of love they have. Listing things you like is standard and a little boring. Instead of just saying you like movies, talk about your favorite actor or director.

Creativity Attracts. Let your personalities shine. Poly people engage in unconventional relationships and “living outside the box” often carries over to other areas in their lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to express your individual and couple quirks. Reading lists of things people like gets boring fast, but reading about people’s passions is always attractive.

Revise. Especially if you are new to online dating sites. No profile is written in stone, so don’t be afraid to update and rewrite if you’re not attracting the right people. Maybe there is something in your profile people always mention – keep it, or maybe there is something that others bring up as a turn off – lose it.

What profile writing tips can you share for poly couples?

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