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The Best (and Worst) Polyamorous Dating Sites

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As polyamory and open relationships are gaining momentum, more sites are popping up which cater to poly singles seeking love and sex.  Read on to get the low down on your options…

Polyamory Date : Go Big or Go Home

Polyamory Date is probably the largest of all the polyamrous dating sites out there. It shares a backend and database with a very large and long-running adult dating site, which means there are more possible partners at PolyamoryDate.com than at the other sites combined. It’s great because they’ve always allowed couple profiles, which is the problem with other sex dating sites that attempt to market to poly people. If you’re looking to take things slow you’re better off with one of the sites below though because this website is pretty racy, allowing full nudity and steamy member videos. This is for those seeking casual hookups and threesomes or someone to engage in a no-strings sexual relationship on the side. But hey, you never know what can happen when you find that chemistry! Also, they have free chat and member videos with the basic membership, so it can be a fun place just to hang out between dates.

Poly Dating : A Promising Start

This one is a little newer to the poly dating scene. The biggest problem with PolyDating.com is that they simply don’t have as many couple profiles as Polyamory Date to guarantee success for those who want to join an established relationship. However, there are lots of singles making it pretty good for couples looking for a unicorn. I went ahead and created a profile to check things out and noticed that there are more couple profiles every day that I cam back, so it seems to be catching on. It doesn’t offer all the features of PolyamoryDate such as video, and it’s much  more tame in terms of content. No nudity here, which is likely preferable to many people seeking a more serious love connection. At any rate, it’s worth creating a free profile just to see who’s in your area, and if you are a couple seeking a third this could be a very good option indeed.

BDSM Date : How Kinky ARE you?

Just adding this one to the list because I know we’ve got some poly kinksters out there! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the two communities have a bit of overlap. So to my naughty polyamorous readers I suggest BDSMdate.com. Looks similar to Polyamory Date on the outside, but inside is a wholly different group of doms, subs, and everyone in between. Also very good for those with fetishes and caters to couples as well.

Poly Matchmaker : Commited to Non-commitment

This site had a design overhaul recently and looks better than ever. However, there are  a few problems that you should know about before joining. There’s a very lengthy sign-up process before being able to do a simple search of local members. This is not fun if you then find out there aren’t many members where you live. With less than 30,000 members total, you’re likely to be disappointed. (Update: As of September 2019 their site now states that they have over 79,000 members so it seems they have grown somewhat!)  Also, they don’t offer couple profiles, but thankfully you can at least add a link to your partner’s profile. I know some couples would prefer to manage just one account though, especially since they will now have to pay two subscription fees! And the last issue is that they only accept payment though PayPal. Aside from these problems, the site is very good in that it is committed to serving the polyamory community specifically.

Poly Sites I Do Not Recommend…

Polyamorous Passions is a free social network for poly singles and couples but prepare to find little to NO profiles, and lots of annoying advertisements. I found no profiles at all where I live, and I’m in one of the largest north american cities. It’s also part of a larger network of sites, so the people you do find are likely not poly at all.  Love Many is another poly dating site you’ll come across in the search results but they also have had problems populating their database after moving from an independent site to becoming a front for a general database that has virtually no poly people, and now back to an independent site. I have no idea what happened to their existing members throughout this shuffle! (Update: Since writing this it seems Love Many is no longer!)

OkCupid. Life changes and so has this list! When I originally put together my top polyamory sites I had OKCupid in there as a good free option. However, since they were bought by Match way back when, (2011 to be precise), there have been changes to both features and the population over time that have eroded their viability as a place for poly people to hook up. I got a bunch of complaints about it being on my list, so here it goes with the other no-no sites.

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