The Toy Box: Fun Factory Bootie Plug

The Toy Box features reviews of sex toys that myself and other contributors test drive.

Check it out – My first butt plug! I can definitively say, I never thought I’d be writing those words, anywhere, let alone recommending something that goes up my ass.

Since writing for Polyamory Today and other blogs, I’ve jumped into the vast world of sex toys, and I admit, it’s been a fun experience so far, and one I love sharing. Previously, I didn’t really know what a butt plug was and thought it was something only gay people used.

After realizing that plugs were for anyone who liked or was interested in a little anal stimulation I ordered one. I’ve always enjoyed a cock in there, why not try something else, something that I’d have on hand when the other wasn’t so readily available.

The plug comes in purple or black, so if you want a his and hers set, they’re perfect. The plug has a simple curve that can be turned to just the right spot by rotating the base. It’s a comfortable size (2.6in long/1.2in round) if you’re a backdoor virgin who wants to know what it feels like before you have a lover inside you.

I used a little lube (small sample included) to glide the bootie plug in. I left it in while masturbating with a dildo. What can I say, double penetration is a wonderful feeling that can’t be beat.

I’ve heard of people wearing butt plugs for hours – while driving, shopping, dining out. Hmmm. I guess, I’ll add that to the list of things to try. The bootie plug is 100% silicone and waterproof – I love toys that are tub friendly!

I think this is a great starter plug for anal newbies, not too intimidating, not too big, and very affordable. Now I’m looking into vibrating plugs . . .

If there is a toy you want reviewed or you have experience with the feature, leave a comment below.

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