Foreplay to get Her in the Mood

Whether you’re in a serious poly relationship or still looking for a multi-partner experience, it’s good to keep your foreplay toolbox full of ideas that will get you to the finish line. These suggestions may work with a primary partner, a third, or both if you’re lucky.

Sexy Movie
The key here is to let her pick the flick. Women know what they like and watching her favourite sexy film will turn her on. If she’s a new girl you’ve been dating it might help you to get to know her better. Cuddling up as a threesome in bed to watch a movie is fun too.

Erotic Book
You might like girlie magazines, but women are more interested in reading words and creating their own fantasies to match. This began long before Fifty Shades of Grey started flying off the shelves. Surprise her by reading a short story or having her read to you. Watch her body language for sexual cues.

I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t like a massage, but we usually have to go out and pay for one. C’mon guys, indulge us! Give us a preview with a shoulder rub when we get home or a soothing foot massage. Later undress us before working over our entire body with gentle pressure and synchronized hand movements.

Cook up a Storm
There’s nothing sexier than a man who cooks, or at least tries to. If you’re not a culinary genius, then ask a friend for help getting started. If you need to have your mum on the phone giving you directions, do it (just when your lady isn’t there!). A great meal is a first step in tantalizing her taste buds for things to come.

Shampoo and Wash
Having a shower or bath with a man is super erotic. Soap one another up, rub your slippery bodies together. Wash a woman’s hair while gently massaging her scalp. We love it at the hairdresser’s and will like it even more when a man we are attracted to does it.

Kink it Up
This may already be part of your sex life, but if not, try a little toy action in your foreplay. You may want to discuss the possibilities beforehand, but if it’s light BDSM you can surprise her with a pair of handcuffs (or a tie from your closet) and see how she reacts. Most women will be into it or at least curious enough to try, although not always a first date move.

These ideas will help keep the variety needed for a rewarding sex life. Routine foreplay gets stale and spells disaster for relationships. What gets your woman in the mood?

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