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Different Types of Polyamory Relationships

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Let’s look at the many variations of polyamory relationships.

Jenny is in love with Michael and David. Both of them love Jenny.

1. Monogamy. Only one person can be my true love, so Jenny chooses to date Michael and David loses. He feels sad and is bitter whenever he sees Jenny and Michael together. He drinks a lot, and people pity him.

2. Cheating. Jenny chooses Michael… but she still wonders about David. She decides to see him on the down low. Michael suspects and the relationship falters. David, meanwhile, bored of being a booty call, finds another girlfriend and rejects Jenny. Jenny never gets laid again. She ends up in a convent.

3. I don’t want to know. Jenny chooses Michael. He acknowledges that people have needs, but says he doesn’t want to know about it. Jenny sees David now and then, and he is happy because he likes keeping things casual.

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4. Open Relationship. Jenny is dating Michael. He knows she sees David sometimes and that’s cool. They even have dinner together. Eventually jealousy creeps in, though, and things get messy.

5. Polyandry. Both Michael and David are Jenny’s husbands. They live together and she alternates between their beds.

6. Polyamory. Jenny, Michael, and David are all lovers. They all live together as equal partners and lovers.

7. Putting the Corn in Unicorn. Jenny and Michael are lovers and David is their mutual plaything. He is a secondary partner that they could dump whenever they felt like it. He is not privy to the inner circle of their love.

8. Open Polyamory. Michael, Jenny, and David are all in an equal relationship, but they all have various secondary partners, as well. Some of them share secondary partners, and some have unique ones.  

9. Anarchy. Jenny, Michael, and David are in a circle of friends who fuck without boundaries. All of them have cold sores.

These are but a few of the ways people can come together. There are many more manifestations of love, and any one can be beautiful or awful. I hope you find the one that works for you!

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