Quickie Benefits for Men

I’m a big advocate of slow sex. I often endorse remembering to make more time for sex, even as the relationship grows familiar and routine living takes priority over those long exploration sessions we have with new partners.

But… I also love quickies!

Having a range of sexy play is and fun in polyamorous relationships, but I love how amazing a quickie is for the man. For the record: quickies are also great for women, but this time I’m speaking to the guys.

Reasons to Indulge in a Quick Sex Session

It’s quick.

Well, d’uh. A guy jerks off to relieve sexual tension, and he doesn’t take hours to do it. Connecting with a horny partner instead to get off fast can be an amazing jolt of release and pleasure without too much time commitment.

A quickie is straight to the point.

Most of the time, you’re generous, patient, and committed to her first. Once in a while it’s great to get straight to business and skip all the appetizers.

I love it when you play me like a cello, working my strings and teasing and pleasing me in every way, but there’s something really hot about stripping it back—pulling your pants down and sliding that cock inside me without any preamble. Waiting is wonderful. Not waiting is also amazing.

A quickie can be a start-to-finish blowjob.

Woman-centric sex is the best sex there is, after all, her arousal is going to take yours to the next level. But I get it, sometimes you want oral beginning to end. A quickie allows for this variation.

For poly lovers, a quickie means more to go around.

For those of us who are sometimes lucky enough to make love with more than one partner in a day, a quickie means you don’t have to deny yourself that connection and pleasure, even if time is short.

If you’re dropping by your primary partner’s place to mow the lawn, it’s not practical to wile away the afternoon naked, but you can still make that hot love connection by bending her over the garage freezer or washing machine.

Then later, after picking your girlfriend up at her dance class, you can pull off a quick session with the two of you in the shower.

Time limitations are a reality, and sex is always better than no sex.

Making time for our relationships, families, careers, and interests is all fine and good except that sometimes there really isn’t any more time. Life can get hectic.

The solution is the quickie. A pleasurable release from that stress for both of you, and a way of connecting and touching. The rest of the day will have that memory to help you make it through with a smile on your face.

When you don’t have time for sex, have sex anyways.

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