3 Step Erotic Massage

Hey polys, if you’re not already giving massages to your partner(s), it’s time. I’m breaking the erotic massage down into a simple three-step process that won’t intimidate even the beginner masseuse. A woman shouldn’t have to shell out big bucks or leave her home to enjoy this awesome type of foreplay. Indulge her with a surprise massage.

Step 1: Preparation
This is the boring part, but it’s worth it. The more prep you do, the easier everthing will flow. You may even look like a pro! Pick your massage destination – the bed, maybe a soft rug in the living room.

Create the mood – soft lighting with candles and your woman’s favorite sexy music. Aromatic oils are a nice touch as well. Diminish distractions with the phone and TV turned off. This way she’ll know she is your only focus.

Warm your massage oils in a bowl of hot water nearby. Choose water based oils that will less likely irritate her skin. Add edible oils for a little taste sensation to lick off her.

Step 2: Massage
Once you’ve set the scene and your lover has arrived, undress her and have her lie down on her front. You should also be naked for a little skin-on-skin contact throughout the massage. Start with her lower half covered to keep her warm. Rub oil in your hands and slide palms over her neck and shoulders and up and down her arms.

As you move down and begin to focus on her ass consider a little dirty talk, not that you’ll need it. She is probably wet at this point. Spread her legs slighty to rub her inner thighs.

Roll her over and pay some love to her breasts. Use not only your hands, but also your mouth for a little licking and sucking of her nipples.

Dangle your hard shaft against her body. We like to know that you are as hot for us as we are for you. Raise one of her legs and place it against your shoulder. Softly massage the outer lips of her vagina. Move one hand back to her breasts.

Step 3: Aftershock
Let her body movements and verbal responses let you know when she’s ready. Try to hold out a little longer as she begs for you to slide it inside. Flip her over onto her knees and go for it while holding her back against your chest. Continue to massage her warm silky breasts.

You can take things from here.

Polys: What tips or steps can you share? Have you ever given a two-person massage?

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