Unicorn Swingers: How to Find a Swinging Unicorn

Are you in a couple looking for a unicorn swinger?

Not surprisingly, the swinger unicorn is in high demand. You may have noticed the unicorn emoji on swinger couple profiles or other online dating profiles. Maybe you have put one there yourself.

But what does the swinger unicorn mean?

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What Is a Unicorn in Swinging?

The unicorn is a common motif in sexy parlance, often referring to the third, unattached woman in a threesome.

A unicorn is a woman who is bisexual and loves threesome sex. She is looking for couples to enjoy threeways with, without wanting to be in a throuple or polycule as a member of the relationship. She wants sex with a man and woman as a couple, but does not want emotional attachments.

She is called a unicorn because she is so rare as to be almost mythical.

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The swinger unicorn is not so different from the classic unicorn. Swingers swap partners with other couples, but many swinger couples are interested in threesomes with another woman.

Many swinger men want to see their partner with another woman. And many swinger women want to play with other women, rather than or in addition to sex with other men.

A swinging unicorn is a single woman who is interested in threesomes with swinging couples, or in sexual encounters with both individuals in a couple, but not in an emotional relationship with them.

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Why Find a Swinging Unicorn?

Couples who swing may seek a unicorn swinger rather than another couple for the reasons touched on above.

The woman in a swinger couple may prefer to connect sexually with another woman, or want to explore woman-on-woman sex in addition to men. The couple may want to have an FFM threesome, as a one night event or as an ongoing option. The man may want to see his wife enjoy herself sexually with another woman.

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What’s in It for the Swinger Unicorn?

The threesome unicorn and the swinger unicorn is considered legendary or rare because few women happen to be bisexual, looking for casual encounters, and open to threesomes all at the same time.

There is a somewhat negative connotation in the world of ethical polyamory or ethical non-monogamy when it comes to swinging unicorns, because it is perceived that she may be used for another couple’s sexual gratification without any reward for herself. Rather than forming a relationship with her, she is just there for sex in this perspective.

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This is sometimes true, and it is also true that the swinger unicorn may be more rare than other kinds of dating. However, some single, independent women find that being a swinger unicorn especially meets her needs.

Many women who are bisexual or sexually adventurous genuinely enjoy sex with both men and women, and they may enjoy threesomes. If she is not looking for a relationship or a throuple, but only for casual sex, or in an open relationship with someone else, being the swinger unicorn may be her perfect choice.

Many unicorn swingers report they enjoy threeways and casual sex and the attention they are given from a swinging couple is sizzling. Since they don’t want to get involved at the time, it is a perfect arrangement.

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6 Tips to Find a Swinger Unicorn

1. Use Online Dating Swinger and Non-Monogamy Hookup Sites

The best way to find a swinging unicorn is to make use of online dating sites for swingers, threesomes, casual sex, and non-monogamous dating.

It is much easier to find like-minded people looking for swinging or group sex on dating sites created for this demographic! Obviously, a dating site specializing in finding a monogamous partner for marriage is not a good bed, but a swinger site that caters to singles and couples looking for adventure is.

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2. Be Honest About Your Swinger Unicorn Pursuit

Don’t be shy and try beating around the bush in your swinger unicorn search. No one likes to find out they are being unicorn hunted after the fact. A woman who believes she is meeting bisexual single women or joining a couple to be a throuple will not find it sweet and funny to learn otherwise.

Be open about your relationship together, your swinging, and what it is you want from play with someone else.

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3. Use Single Dating Profiles Separately, and a Second One Together

When applicable, both partners in a swinger couple can have profiles that mention they are in a committed partnership and looking for someone to play with. You can also have a couple profile together where you are seeking a swinging unicorn for individual sex or threesomes or both.

This casts the net wider. A bisexual woman may notice a woman’s profile first, or find his picture and profile interesting, depending where she is browsing at that moment.

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4. Be Out and Open if You Are Out and Open

If you are not shy or open and out about ethical non-monogamy, you will encounter more people who share their swinging with you and be more likely to meet other swingers, including unicorn swingers.

There are non-monogamous and swinging people everywhere you go. If everyone is silent and discreet, no one can connect.

Of course, it is not always appropriate in many situations. But lots of people are openly swinging. Consider the option if you haven’t already.

Many more non-monogamous people are “open” on an as-needed basis. They don’t broadcast their private lives at work and family dinners, but if others do know, it’s not really a secret. This means in certain situations, talking openly about swinging is perfectly fine.

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5. Attend Swinger Events

Attending swinger events and socials with other non-monogamous people means connecting with like-minded people in your community, or meeting people from nearby communities. You are more likely to meet a unicorn swinger at parties for people interested in this lifestyle than at other parties.

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6. Approach Swinger Unicorns

This is tricky, so proceed with caution. You don’t want to offend or creep anyone. But that said, there are occasions when you meet adventurous women who may clearly be flirting or open to dating encounters. It’s okay to let people know you and your partner are attracted to her when the occasion is appropriate.

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Are you looking for a unicorn swinger? Tell us about your search!

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