5 Types of Kisses that Will Heat Things Up

Why kissing is perfect foreplay, oh let me count the ways…

Think back to your first kiss. Was it a good one? Did your first kiss lead to other types of fun? What kind of things did you imagine you would explore after your first few kisses and make-out sessions?

I hope your first kisses were as randy and passionate as your young innocent self could possibly express and imagine being at the time the kiss happened.

Kissing was damn near phallic penetration in my young mind, and there were definite parallels between the tongue and the penis! These days, each of those projectiles have their own activity amounts, and I don’t have to use my tongue as any type of surrogate, but I still enjoy kissing as much as possible!

Kissing is a universal language. It’s the easiest way to connect. It requires no undressing. It’s a form of bonding so powerful, some people would rather kiss than fuck!

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Before you go learning five types of thrusts, why not learn five types of kisses so you can have all kinds of folks swooning to make out with you until you’re ravenously devouring each other while you prepare for coitus?

I know I’ve been called a good kisser by a few people, and it’s an honor and badge of pride to know that, yes, I’m pretty damn good in the sack, but even if we never ever get that far, and all I do is give her a single kiss, then I will be able to kiss her in a way she won’t forget for weeks or months, maybe FOREVER.

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5 Types of Kisses that Will Make You Both Horny

1. Soft and Slow Kisses

Nothing is like a slow, dripping, sensual, patient, romantic, delicate, sweet and passionate kiss. Nothing in the world. I don’t know many people who don’t fall head over heels whenever someone takes the time to gently nibble, suck, and softly smooch their lips with patient passion.

Be that person to give the I-have-nowhere-else-to-go kiss—kisses that are not even interested in the bra and sweater coming off, much less the skirt and panties (or corresponding partner’s clothing).

Use your hands to hold their face, touch their hair. Be super romantic. Do it your way. Don’t feel self-conscious or shy. No time for that. This is the MOMENT OF KISS. Give it your all, but let your all drip out like warm honey on a cold November night.

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2. Earlobe Kisses

Another lethal kiss in the arsenal is the earlobe kiss. Those who like them LOVE them ravenously, and those who don’t will ask you in no uncertain terms to NOT wet their ear or nibble their lobe.

Earlobe kisses may be too sensitive for some or just plain annoying. If you get the green light, then be just as slow and soft with the first kisses you were giving, but take it from the lips to the ears. Then kiss behind the ears, along the rims, on the earlobes, and maybe even some light licking in the ears… but don’t leave any saliva behind!

You may have a fetish for a particular body part besides the ear. Don’t be afraid to kiss that sweet spot if available and invited.

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3. French Kisses

I’d say everyone needs to know how to French kiss. This classic kiss instantly connects you, tongue to tongue. The French kiss is often practiced and mastered at a young age to know how much tongue is too much, how deep is too deep, and how wet is too wet.

French kisses need not be used often, but NEVER using your tongue while kissing really is missing out! Be cute, and flick your tongue into someone’s mouth from time to time. Be playful and flirty. Taste their kisses. Lick their lips. Let your tongues tango. Find a rhythm between your tongues, and let nature do its thing.

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4. Neck Kisses

Neck kisses are slightly less delicate than ear kisses, but they also enter a territory of lust/loathe with a good number of folks. Neck kisses may seem too intimate for casual encounters, but if it’s welcome, do not forget to kiss your lover’s neck.

Sensually suck on the neck area. Hickeys or love bites have a time and place, with the right person. Peck with soft lips. Lick lightly. Do fun things to the nape of their neck, especially below the earlobe. Soft and sexy kisses on the neck often leads to heightened anticipation and no regret.

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5. Bite and Nibble Kisses

Tread lightly when nibbling another’s neck! Stay away from the Adam’s apple, don’t bite too hard, or leave any marks unless they ask for a lasting memory!

No kissing technique or style works on everyone equally. Some lovers will love bites, some won’t. Some like nibbles on their back or buttocks, some on their lips.

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Biting and nibbling kisses are the extreme opposite to soft kisses. But to be able to deliver both types and alternate between soft and hard kisses can be enthralling to both giver and receiver.

There are a number of creative ways to put a little bittersweet salt in your kisses to make them have more impact while exploring a lover’s mouth as much as you can before you move to second base.

Kissing is a fundamental sexual skill you ALWAYS want to be improving. I never rest on my lip laurels. I always want to kiss better.

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I hope you find out how good of a kisser I am someday! And I hope you’re a great kisser too.

Share a kissing story in the comments… something juicy and memorable!

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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