Rediscover Kissing in Your Poly Relationships

If kissing isn’t something you think about all that much, you might want to rediscover the magic of the kiss.

Remember, before you’d been kissed, how important kissing was in your imagination?

Or think about how a great kissing scene in cinema or literature lasts in your own, or the public imagination, forever and ever when countless “hotter” scenes from watching porn are long forgotten.

Whether you’re looking for deeper meaning in a relationship, or just better sex, whether you’re polyamorous or married to the only one you’ve ever kissed, you should rediscover kissing.

What to Know about Kissing

Kissing Is Essential for Women

You might be surprised to find that what women most desire from a man is in your power. Maybe you just don’t have the kind of cash or massive cock you think women want, and maybe you simply can’t force a sense of humor. Maybe you have no hair, sense of style, and you aren’t ripped.

Kissing is something that consistently appears on most-wanted lists from women. They want more kissing from their husbands, boyfriends, boy toys, and masters.

Women crave attention and affection, not just the old in and out.

Kissing Is Communication

One reason we don’t kiss familiar partners the same way we kiss new ones is because, at a biological level, kissing is communication.

Once we have swapped enough saliva, we have become more familiar with all the details our cells were demanding. Kissing is like texting between the bodies, exchanging biochemical information about immunity, fertility, and genes.

Since we’ve been there done that once, our bodies know each other well and kissing gets shorter and more shallow. That’s natural.

But there is much more to communicate, on many other levels. Take the time to kiss your lovers thoroughly again. Kissing is about memory, and promise, and sheer erotic bliss.

Kissing Is Renewing

When you meet a new lover, you are going to naturally spend more time kissing than you spend with your other partners. Enjoy that, and soak up all you can.

But don’t limit kissing to new lovers. Renew the practice with your long-term partners, and you’ll benefit by getting along better and having better sex.

Kissing Is Arousing

As mentioned above, kissing communicates all kinds of information at a cellular level. When you swap saliva, you are literally injecting each other with hormones and pheromones that are sexually stimulating, in addition to all the other messages of the body. Kissing is not just psychologically satisfying, but incredibly arousing. If you or your lovers are not getting as turned as you used to, take the time to kiss longer and see what happens.

Kissing Is Bonding

Kissing can be a salve on a sore, a bridge after a blow, a comfort during pain or distress. Lovers who kiss more are closer. Kissing fosters intimacy at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Kissing Is Kinky

Sometimes kissing gets the short shrift because there are other more intense pleasures waiting. Why kiss when orgies or whips await?

Kissing can be incredibly kinky—it goes well with restraint, sensation play, orgasm denial, bondage and discipline, and more. Kissing can be hard and aggressive for those who enjoy oxygen deprivation or smothering sensations. Saliva can be kinky, and kissing can also be a reward after an intense kink session of sadomasochism or deprivation.

Use your imagination!

And don’t just take my word for it: kiss more, and your life will get even better!

How important is kissing in your poly relationships? Share in the comments!

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