5 Tips for Becoming a Better Lover

What can I say, I’m experienced and have had a wide array of lovers. With this experience, I will try to help men who want to improve their bedroom skills. I think everyone, both men and women, should always seek to be the best that they can be with all partners, even if it’s not a serious relationship. If you’re going to do it, do it right!

1. Explore Her Whole Body
Women are turned off when a man goes right for her sweet spot. Guys, it’s not going anywhere and if you hold off, it will make her that much wetter. Slow and steady often does win this race, and a man who knows how to touch, caress, and massage a woman’s body always scores brownie points. This tip seems obvious, but a lot of men overlook all the beautiful nooks and crannies a woman’s body offers. Sensory play is a great way to enjoy each other also.

2. Compliment Her or Talk Dirty
I don’t know any woman who doesn’t like a compliment, in or outside the bedroom. Even a confident woman appreciates a man who tells her she is attractive, whether that’s to do with her looks or abilities. If you’re thinking something nice about the woman you are with, make sure to verbalize… we’re not mindreaders.

3. Watch for Cues
When you are physically interacting with a woman, you’ll want to observe her reactions to what you are doing. Watch her facial expressions (Is she smiling or grimacing?), watch her body movements (Is she leaning in or pulling away?), and listen to her words and the sounds she makes (Are those good moans?) You can always ask, but sometimes that can spoil the mood.

4. Learn from Experience, Not Porn
A lot of today’s younger generation (and older!) grew up on porn as a way to learn about their own sexuality. What’s become a problem is that many men replicate what they see (which isn’t often what women like), and worse , expect women to behave like porn stars!

5. Go Down and Go Down Good
It boggles my mind that there are so many men who don’t go down, and if they do, they have no clue what they’re doing, or they think of it as a chore. Lazy lovers never get a second chance. You can’t expect a woman to give a blowjob without wanting reciprocation. Men who have mastered the pussy are never forgotten. Remember: many women don’t come from intercourse alone. Practice, ask her what she likes, watch for cues, or take a workshop!

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Hey ladies! Anything you want to add to this list?

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