Dating on a Budget: 5 Cheap Date Ideas

Fun and cheap dating ideas for those in the polyamory dating world are necessary things to know. This isn’t five years ago when society was running amok and frothing wild in the clubs, poppin’ bottles and making it rain Benjamins and Bordens!

We are in the age of high-ass rent, impossible home ownership, and shrinkflation groceries. But, there are life hacks that we can employ as wise folks who won’t let the travails of modern life steal away the best and cheapest form of entertainment we will always have: SEX!

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A date can go straight from “Hi, my name is…” to the bedroom, but often there are necessary pathways before you reach the bedroom/living room/staircase to warm you and/or your date up to one another’s intentions.

If you play your cards right, you might be able to actually have sex at the location of the cheap date, and you will then save on Uber money back to your place AND save on time spent to get there. Not that you don’t want to spend time talking, but you don’t want to spend too much time building up to the Moment of Truth and Confession of Sexual Intention!

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Here’s some ways to save some coin before you explore some loins.

5 Cheap Date Ideas

1. Go to a Park

Spend time at the park, laying in the lap of a potential poly lover. There are flowers to pick, there are nooks and crannies to disappear into if you really feel like exploring some sexy times together.

Another thing you could do to save money is bring your own drinks or food or other indulgences to the park, and responsibly get nice and toasty in nature for much less than it would cost you at a local bar or club. Of course, you’ll want to be discreet and not leave any mess behind for the next couple visiting.

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2. Visit a Nude Beach

I love going to my local nude beach where clothing is optional. For me, that includes a fun ferry ride to an island. It’s a very inexpensive excursion that I’ve enjoyed MANY sexy times with partners, but also with partners I’ve actually met while I’m on the island.

Nude beaches have a very poly-positive community of open-minded folks, and if you know how to talk to people and how to conduct yourself in public (while naked), you have another choice in your arsenal of affordable options to explore and enjoy. Like a park, you can pack a picnic to eat and drink al fresco.

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3. Go to the Cinema

Most cinemas offer a cheap movie day each week and a more affordable admission price to matinees. Sure, you could stay home for a Netflix and Chill night, which is an all-too-obvious move for a first date, but a date night to a movie holds nostalgia for many people, a built-in romantic flavor if you will.

Take your date out to your local movie theater, and hold hands in the dark like teenagers. Make out in the back row, feed each other popcorn, and stay for a second show if all goes well. If you have a little extra and you live in the right area, consider a drive-in for some real old school magic.

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4. Visit an Art Gallery

Show your date that you’re a cultured but capitalistically conservative kind of kinky person, and take them to an art gallery. There’s a variety of art-blessed places where you can find your way into if you do a little homework and research on what is available.

Big metropolitan galleries often offer free admission one afternoon a week where you can leisurely stroll for hours. Many small galleries in artsy communities are walk-in and offer free drinks on opening night. Dress up and see what your local artists are up to. Galleries are great for breaking ice, as there is so much to talk about around you.

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5. Browse Your Local Library

Depending on the type of person you’re dating, you can spend quality time in a quiet setting together and really take things further with your mutual love of literature. I love libraries and books, so library events such as book launches and Q&As are always perfect date ideas that also happen to be inexpensive.

Let’s grab our library cards and go to the closest university or reference library and get lost amongst the books, steal a kiss, cop a feel…

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6. Tour Gardens

Most cities have botanical gardens that offer beautiful settings for a first date that is also affordable. Some gardens are outdoors and most worthwhile in summer but others are open year round in greenhouses. You don’t have to be a horticulturist to appreciate the beauty you will find in public gardens.

Walking tours of spectacular local gardens is another option if you want to add a little physical activity into the mix. Surround yourself in nature, and surprise your date with something beyond the expected coffee shop first date.

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Are you on a budget? What ideas or dates can you recommend for keeping it affordable?

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