5 Sex Benefits of Polyamory

When you think polyamory, chances are you think sex orgies, key parties, swinging—any activity that represents pure, unabashed sexual freedom, and why not? For lots of people, sex is their primary reason for engaging in ethical non-monogamy.

But what makes sex, within the context of polyamory, so great? It’s more than just the taboo-induced excitement of moving beyond the boundaries of traditional coupling—it’s the many benefits that being poly can offer.

5 Sex Benefits of Polyamory

1. Variety

Whether you want to branch out and try something kinky with a partner who is more experienced in that area, or simply open your heart and mind to new connections, polyamory is a great option to explore.

When searching for poly partners online, be sure to specify the kind of dynamic you’re seeking. There are lots of ways to do polyamory, from sexual free-for-all to polyfidelity. If you want a ton of variety, I’d suggest opting for the former.

2. Abundance

If you have an insatiable libido and find it hard to feel satisfied with just one partner, why not add new partners to the mix? The key is to find like-minded people who are all for sharing the love in a transparent, ethical way.

Go online to seek out your local poly community. Participate in an orgy! Spend time at the sex club! Offer a curious couple the chance at a threesome! There are many ways to quench your sexual thirst in the polyverse.

3. Rest

Perhaps you find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum, needing a break from the demands placed upon you by monogamy and your perpetually randy partner. If you’re both game and neither of you are the jealous type, why not open your relationship up?

You might discover—once you take the pressure off yourself to have sex—that you end up wanting it more! Once you to let go of the notion that you and your partner must fulfil each other’s every need, you can relax and enjoy your relationship on more authentic terms.

4. Practice

The best way to expand your sexual skill set is to have sex! Bringing more partners into the mix provides a well-rounded education in that it teaches you about different bodies and different needs. This is especially true if you’ve spent most of your life in a single, long-term, monogamous relationship.

Use your newfound wisdom to spice things up with your primary partner! Share stories of your sexplorations if you please (with the permission of your other partners, of course.)

5. Encouragement

Are you a little shy when it comes to putting yourself out there? Do you question the strength of your sexual abilities? Being poly will soon help you to release those worries. With time, you should find yourself surrounded by a community of like-minded and supportive partners, each of whom can vouch for your unique brand of sexy.

Take your time and look for relationships that build you up. Think of what you truly want for yourself, then go searching for it in the polyshere.

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