4 Ways to Explore Your Bisexual Side

People always talk about the First Great Virginity we aim to lose in life. And yes, I will never ever ever forget my first penis-in-vagina (PIV) sexual experience, god bless her, wherever she is at this very moment. But I do believe that there are infinite virginity experiences—including bisexuality—to give and take in this wonderful sexual journey we are all on.

The Beginnings of Bisexual Desire

A lotta guys may not talk about the first time they saw a male friend’s penis. And not that it had to be a sexual experience, but it WAS a moment of higher trust shared between friends, was it not? And it may have been healthy too!

Furthermore, they may have masturbated together. Some guys do! In circle jerks as hockey players, or locker room moments as football players in the showers… who knows when and where another man’s first kiss or oral sex exchange, or first time fucking with another man happens.

These are also important milestones in a human life that are worth celebrating and appreciating. And maybe they haven’t happened for you, but you fantasize about it.

Here are a few ideas that might help these bisexual fantasies MANifest, ha ha. They’re not in order, because there is no set path to discovering certain things. Just follow your heart first and foremost!

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4 Ideas to Explore Your Bi-Side

1. Engage in an MMF Threesome

I had about a dozen threesomes before I had my first kiss with a man in it, but when it happened, it was so special and natural. We were both kissing her stomach on different sides, and then we both looked up into each other’s eyes at the same time, and there was a natural magnetic energy that just brought us together. I didn’t really think of it or say anything, but it was exactly the kind of situation I would have wanted my first kiss with another man to happen.

The MMF threesome that unfolded from this moment was amazing, because everyone was touching everyone, so there were six arms hugging and six hands exploring—the intimacy was special because it wasn’t the typical man’s threesome dream of having two women (which is fantastic too, never let me imply otherwise).

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2. Kiss Your Crush

When I had my first bisexual kiss with a man, it felt like kissing myself. To take the leap of faith when you do find a man who is open to your advance, it’s going to feel different. He may or may not have a beard, a mustache, stubble, a hard jawline, textures and sensations you aren’t used to feeling.

It’s very enlightening like few other moments in life. I remember thinking afterwards: I like myself! I think I’m hot. So why would it be weird to kiss myself? It wouldn’t be, and it never has been. No matter what ignorant, homophobic people in society have ever said. Finding the man that fits your lips is bliss.

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3. Massage a Man’s Body

That is truly something else to do that can open up the channels of exploration with another man on a level that is more simple and straight forward than kissing or threesomes, and it can be just as intimate if you give your full attention to it, and also have as much access to the man’s entire body. If you want to give him a happy ending with your hands or mouth, that’s another possibility.

Not every massage has to be intimate, but any massage can be generous and gentle and kind, and with the permission of the person being massaged. You can take it from a strictly muscular release to a sensual bonding journey where you can try a dozen different ways of touching, kneading, grinding, pushing, pulling, tapping, tickling, and teasing a man’s body—a massage experience that is both relaxing and alluring.

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4. Try Anal Sex and Play

Your G-spot is in there! Nature knew what it was doing when it made a man’s body. With care and concern and lube and patience, any anal exploration can be pleasant, educational, and satisfying. It does NOT have to resemble anything like a porn, with hardcore pounding and deep penetration.

Anal play does not need to involve penetration involving your cock, but a variety of toys: dildos, vibrators, plugs, and beads. Anal exploration can be playful and fun, not serious or romantic. The important element you want present between you and a partner is trust. So, when you trust someone enough to take things at your speed, go for it!

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Have fun exploring,
xoxo Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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