What Makes Her Enjoy Anal Sex as Much as You

Here’s what a lot of guys think about anal sex: you want it, she doesn’t—end of story. I’m here to tell you that’s wrong. Even guys with umpteen lovers, twelve ex-wives, and weekly orgies have this misconception.

If she’s not begging you for anal, consider that maybe you’ve been doing it wrong.

Here are some pointers that will help you have all the ass you can handle from now on. You’re welcome.

How to Make Anal Sex Good for Women

Stop whining, begging, and pushing your dick at her butt hole.

When you act like a mosquito, you’re going to get swatted away!

When a woman senses you are just “trying to get in there” with zero clue about how to actually do that, she’s not going to be all that gung ho about it.

Stop asking for anal when she’s menstruating.

A lot of guys think she’ll want it up the alternate hole when her vagina is bleeding. But this shows that you aren’t taking her physiology into consideration at all!

Anal sex isn’t an “alternative” to vaginal sex, but an extended play, let’s say. It’s not something we want when we don’t want it in our pussy.

When we’re menstruating, we often have nausea and digestive upset from the hormones and contractions—not party time for butt sex.

Understand that extreme arousal is the key to anal sex.

Hell, it’s the key to great sex, G-spot sex, more blowjobs, multiple orgasms, threesomes, girl-on-girl action, incredible kink, and more.

You can’t just stick it up her butt when she doesn’t feel like pussy sex. She’ll want it up her ass when she’s so horny that she’s insatiable.

If you’re wondering why she loved anal when you started dating, that’s why. She was incredibly aroused.

A woman can enjoy sex at a very basic level of arousal, but there is a looooooooooooong way to go from there. By taking your time, warming her up, rediscovering making out, experimenting with sex toys and kink, focusing on her, being patient, teasing her, and using anticipation tactics, you can increase a woman’s arousal.

The higher she gets, the more she wants. Once she’s ready, try these anal sex positions. You can also find additional tips to make anal sex great for her in this article at Men’s Health.

Show her you’re comfortable and practical minded with butt reality.

My ass is usually private because it’s not squeaky clean.

All those columns reassuring you that there isn’t any doo-doo are nonsense. Of course there is. Even a freshly emptied, showered butt has bacteria and traces. If you act squeamish about vaginal discharge or a tampon, how will a woman ever trust you to get down and dirty?

When you show her that you’re comfortable with biological realities and your dick won’t melt if you encounter a smudge of something inside her, she will be willing to enjoy the nerve endings and profound sensations of anal penetration.

Tell her candidly that you appreciate that she may have discomfort about her anal cavity’s other purposes. Assure her there are wipes, towels, and a shower on hand for both of you, and you can use an old sheet underneath you “just in case.”

Gain her trust by letting her have your ass first.

Nothing given, nothing gained, right? Tell her how much you want to feel her butt’s death grip on your dick. But be willing to experience the same yourself, and offer her the chance to fuck you with a dildo or peg you with a strap-on harness.

See our Pegging Tips for Polyamorous Partners.

There’s a reason why strap-on porn is so popular with both men and women. Even if you’re a natural dominant in the bedroom, kinky exploration and switching things up is a great way to deepen your intimate connections.

Do you and your lover enjoy anal sex? What tips can you share?

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