Different Types of Poly Relationships

There are many different types of relationship models that work for people besides traditional monogamous relationships. Here are some alternative relationship styles that might be appealing to couples looking for a bit more. If you’ve been thinking of opening up a relationship to let more love and sex in, there’s no one way to go about it, but these are some ways people have done it.

Triad – This is a relationship between three people. When it’s referred to as a triad, typically all three partners have equal standing and date each other. This can be the hardest type of relationship to manage and balance. Each pair of lovers will usually want to have some of their own private time as well as fun group time with the three of you together.

V – This is a type of relationship that still involves three people, in which there is one central person who is partnered to two separate people who are not partnered to each other. Sometimes people seek out this type of relationship if one partner is not into a specific kink or fetish. The “hinge” person of the “V” will then find another partner who can fulfill their specific sexual desire. This can be an easier relationship style to manage than a triad since the person in the middle is the only one whose time gets taxed.

Quad – Quads involve four people. They usually form from two couples who come together because they really like each other! They may swap partners or they may all just get along so great that they all become lovers and partners.

Multiple Loving Relationships – This is a relationship style for a person who wants to have multiple non-casual relationships in their life. This is a tough one because we all know how hard it is to even have one relationship, let alone a few!

Multiple Casual Relationships – This is the lifestyle for someone who wants to have many casual sex partners. Some people in this situation call their lovers “play partners.” This is good for those who enjoy low pressure situations and are just looking to have a good time with their kink play.

See for yourself which of these fit your own relationship goals by discussing each with people who are actually living their lives to the fullest with each. If you do not have poly friends locally, check out Polyamorous Percolations – a terrific starting point for your own exploration of these alternative lifestyles.

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