Taking a Chance in Polyamory

I had a lovely situation just come to life. And it played out a hundred percent naturally, simply and honorably. I didn’t know how lucky I was, but I learned how fortunate my blessings in poly are because I followed my heart, and simply asked the honest questions I felt curious about.

There was no forcing things, no pressure, no mind games. I was at my favorite bookstore, in the porn/poly/sexy book section, when a beautiful woman captured my attention fully.

I approached her and said, “I’d like to get to know you if you are open to it.” And she thankfully said, “I’ll take your number.” I was happy about it, but what made me happier was that she actually reached out to me two days later and asked, “Can we go for a drink?”

I didn’t have to ask her to stay in touch, she just did it because she wanted to get to know me. I took her up on it, and then we had some fun drinking tea at another bookstore. After that she courageously asked to see my book collection at home, and I felt very comfortable inviting her to my place.

After some music and good conversation, she spoke about more wonderful things that we shared in common, such as kink, art, and writing. The foundation was being laid, but I didn’t know what was possible between us. I knew the mental connection was there, but was there more? I had to keep exploring where things were going, because the vibes just kept evolving.

There was only one moment when I asked about being physical, and she said, “No I don’t like doing that specific thing in particular.” But she didn’t retreat or disconnect from me, and I learned something important: “no” to one thing can mean “yes” to OTHER things if you are gentle about it.

So, I kept talking to her, and lo and behold… when we reached the time and place where we both felt comfortable, I asked, “Are you with anyone?” And she said, “Well, I am polyamorous.” And the rainbows and birds came to life behind her head!

I had hope, but until I ASKED and we had the Moment of Truth, I didn’t know we both could share something so wonderful. Because after I said, “OMG, I’M poly too!” it was only about five minutes before I asked, with a heart full of butterflies, “Can I kiss you?”

And what did she say? “YES!” We shared some wonderful passion for a while… so there’s that.

Follow your heart, and you never know when it will lead to polyamorous bliss. Trust this!

Addi Stewart

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