Sharing Your Poly Truth with Potential Partners

You never know when luck is going to throw some juicy joy your way. You could be eating some delicious food, and then the universe says, “Want seconds? Want thirds?!” And then it dumps a whole lot more food on your plate, and you’re like,”Damn, I’m not even done eating my first yummy meal!”

This sex-food metaphor is like precipitation: when it rains, it pours. Some people get buckets and try to capture every last drop, while some people get umbrellas and rain boots and run away from all the love and sex trying to happen to them. I make no judgments on the choices. Do what you feel you can handle!

I lean towards eating all I can when I’m served extra helpings of love by life. But sometimes maybe it’s a little inappropriate to be a glutton when others are only eating one helping.

I was at a party with a poly lover of mine. We dressed in matching Halloween costumes, making it obvious that we were a couple, and yet… I was greeted by a LOVELY and voluptuous lady as soon as I entered the kitchen. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that she was interested, and I could not deny my own sexual attraction to her as well.

I’m not a liar. I’m a communicator of complicated emotional truths, if nothing else! So, I didn’t disconnect from my beautiful lover, but I also didn’t disconnect from this lovely new friend who was making themselves familiar with me. I felt kinda stranded between islands at some points in the evening, as this kind of blissful gang-up can be overwhelming for even the most suave and smooth.

I did fine, but I still felt compelled to be honest about everything to everyone. Before I left the party, I let the voluptuous new lady friend know that:

1) I was poly and yes, my lover was the one I was happily kissing in the kitchen.
2) I was interested in her, and I wanted to stay in touch.
3) I was cool to have our connection become sexual.

She might have been unhappy to learn that I was with someone, but I hope she was happy to learn that I am poly and open to nontraditional relationships. I sent her a friend request and await her response.

It was almost awkward and almost inappropriate, but it wasn’t because I was 100% honest with everyone involved. We shall see what happens!

Wish me lust,
Addi Stewart

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