Practicing Patience in Polyamory Pays Off

I waited seventeen years for the stars to align with a special woman in my life. Circling, waiting, talking, sharing, learning, loving, hating, trying, failing, growing, connecting, disconnecting and finding each other just when we thought all hope was lost.

I never really gave up, as I could feel something special with this woman. I wasn’t arrogant about it, but our cosmic chemistry connection was undeniable, even to strangers. I felt in my heart of hearts that we would one day wander onto each other’s paths. Lo and behold, IT HAPPENED.

If it never did, I would have been happy with my poly life and all my other other lovers who I ended up with throughout those seventeen years, and beyond. But it did happen, and it was far beyond my wildest dreams. Funny thing about dreams is that they don’t have to last forever to be extremely meaningful.

I got to kiss and make love to the voluptuous super goddess from my teenage year’s wildest fantasies. The reality wasn’t the same as the fantasy and faded into blissful history, but we are friends to this day. Yippee ki yay is all I can say, really!

Part two of this story includes another heavenly lady who I’ve waited to spend intimate time with. For almost four years, she’s been in similar poly circles, parties, places and events that I could have talked to her, and I just never did. I didn’t know that I had a chance, so I didn’t think too much on how nice this dream would be if it were to come true.

Then one amazing night, she took a leap of faith in the naked sauna I go to. We cuddled for the first time, and it was divine! Ever since, we’ve been tapping into that animal magnetism and letting our hearts run wild and free.

She’s cute and has a smile that is face melting, but she doesn’t try to bring attention to herself, so that affects the opportunities she has in sex and romance—it affected me! It made my patience for possibility grow and grow and grow until it was so high that when I cut down the weeds of waiting, she was just standing there in the clearing.

Have patience, young poly Padawan. Sometimes it takes years. Sometimes it takes hours. Either way, have more patience than you need to have—that’s good poly.

So much love,
Addi Stewart

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