Polyamory Chemistry and Attraction

PolySoup: We Are All Chemistry Experiments

Masaru Emoto said it best: water holds information. And regardless of any words or perceptions or judgements we may have about each other’s bodies and beings, at the end of the day: we are essentially just electrified bags of water and bones!

That’s all a human body is: mostly water. And bone, blood, and urine, excrement, and semen or menstrual fluid, and a few other random liquids, veins, organs, and whatnots.

What’s my point? Well, the combination of our essence is such that we are each individually some kind of CHEMISTRY cocktail of chemicals and choices. Our parents DNA and our environmental influences all combine to create the formula and brand of the corporate franchise that is YOU! Somewhat similar to the secret ingredients for Coca-Cola or the “special secret blend of 11 herbs and spices” that is a part of KFC’s tantalizing recipe, and that is the mysterious, magnificent, malevolent and magnanimous maze of human multiplicity that attracts or neutralizes or repels your being from another human being.

Wise people learn from any sources where even a drop of truth can be tasted, I believe. Thus, even though I do NOT support the whole “pick-up artists/The Game” movement types of mentalities, there is something that David DeAngelo said that really resonates as dead on fact: attraction is NOT a choice. There are factors beyond the scope of one’s comprehension and conscious mind that will make decisions, demands, and dig up emotions that your ego, your heart and/or your life were surprised existed!

Fantasies. Silent crushes. Infatuations. Secret desires. Fetishes.

They exist. There also exists just straight up, open-faced confession of the quest for connection. Some people have “it”. The things we want. The looks. The smells. The tastes. The feelings of the flesh. The sounds. Plus anticipation, foreplay, teasing, power games, etc. that can heat up and lubricate a combination of character chemical concoctions, all making for a fun tasty ice cream sundae! What flavor of ice cream are you? What toppings will we add today? Did your partner bring any fruits or nuts to the mix? How many flavors of ice cream can we eat at once? Do you want a foot-long banana with that?

Ha ha. So first, before you go have some “dessert”, I just thought I’d gently stop and remind all those who may be traipsing down the poly path for the first time or second or third or tenth or twentieth (some people’s learning curves are steeper than others!) that, when in full-exploration mode, the possibility of meeting and feeling different chemistries of people can be…

drastically different.
damn amazing.
decidedly dull.
directly explosive.
distractingly dazzling.

Or something else… mixed with something else… plus a sense of romantic duty. Who knows what the feeling and flavor of your next partner’s kiss will taste like?

The chemistry available in polyamory is wonderful, and by nature of the term “poly”, it’s also an evolutionary journey of many experiences. Sometimes polyamory chemistry experiments can be overwhelming, exhausting, enthralling, occasionally complicated, and possibly damaging… but also possibly eternally liberating and infinitely enlightening. It takes a lot of knowledge of self-awareness and establishment of inner and outer emotional/physical/psychological boundaries and consciousness of the ingredients of one’s identity to come to the realization of one’s tastes and appetites.

But once you know who you can, and who you can’t, devour and drink? Bottoms up.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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