One Night Stands in Polyamory

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We all know some two-timers, if not by accusation, then by seeing them in the mirror. But we don’t judge here, we just observe patterns and ways.

I am not casting hellfire on those who can’t make up their mind right now. We all are twelve year olds with crushes at one point or another. My thoughts are about the rare opportunities where fate throws you a bone, and you are in the rare position of: Will this one-time scenario mess up another poly situation I’m already happily in?

It IS poly, and the idea is that we can have our cake and eat it too. But dammit, some cake isn’t always available! Some cake only comes to town once in a blue moon. Do you bite it, even if you’re on a diet? I’m the kind of person who wants to. I am a cake SLUT! Not quite greedy, just able to consume a lotta cake.

Issue is, some partners feel a little jealous at times when it comes to my voracious appetite. Nothing that has caused separations or anxiety, but I’ve heard lovers say, “I wish I could have as many partners as you.”

Since it’s not always as easy for women to get as many good poly partners (sad generalization, but it’s true in my experience) then it’s a challenge. I want the one-time cake, and I want the daily cake too—in my mouth two days in a row!

Some lovers are like, “Didn’t you have other cake yesterday?”

And I just want to say, “I’m a cake whore, that’s all there is to it.” If it really would cause the end of something special, I might say no… once in a while. But I never want to!

Still, it’s a personal choice whether to have all you can get, or have all you can get without making others uncomfortable.

Some one night stands are costly. Some aren’t. Choose wisely, and be honest!

Addi Stewart

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