How Many Chances Do You Give Potential Partners?

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So, I was in this super awesome Facebook sex group last year. I won’t mention its name because it sadly has gone the way of the dodo bird, but the people who were in it were some special individuals in my sex life.

I ended up having one of the most explosive first dates of my entire life with this one lady I met there—it started with kisses and ended with EXXXTREME sexual bliss that would shock a few readers here! Let’s just say we went to levels that some lovers NEVER go to. I’ll call it Level Five, as far as finger counting goes… but I digress!

There was one person in the group who had my eye, my ear and my heart. Their words were full of juice, their pictures full of light, and their spirit full of magnetism. I was deeply attracted to her, and I let her know very fast.

She said that she liked me and replied to my direct message. She took my number. She liked some posts on my FB page—all things that one would THINK display signs of interest, attraction, intrigue.

If this person was so interested in me, then why did I just spend last night wondering IF I should invite her out again to come into my heart, when she just cancelled on me for the FIFTH time? You read that right. I have set up FIVE dates with her, and she has cancelled ALL FIVE.

Three of them were actual ghostings, where she didn’t reply to me after we set up a rendezvous. Right before we were supposed to get together, I texted her, “Okay, ready to meet up?” and then I got no reply. Heavy sigh.

I don’t know where to go from here. She’s gorgeous and beautiful. She’s smart and fun. She’s my type, but she just doesn’t take things seriously enough.

Have I given her too many chances? Should I just say namaste and goodbye?

How many chances do you give potential new poly lovers who have extenuating circumstances? Asking for a friend named me!

Addi Stewart

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2 years ago

Whenever I am unsure of how someone feels about me, I simply just ask them what’s going on. You’re getting mixed messages which is confusing, so just ask her how she feels about seeing you. If you don’t get an answer from her, then you got your answer. Best of luck!

Addi Stewart
Addi Stewart
1 year ago
Reply to  Mariann

Thank you for this, Mariann. “If you don’t get an answer from her, then you got your answer.” I am going to live by this advice! Much love from Addi

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