How to Have a Wild Bi Couples Foursome

Are you and your partner bisexual, kinky, and interested in having a bi foursome? Find out how to make this fantasy come true.

Planning Your Bi Foursome

Fun fuck fact: there can be infinite rules, regulations, and restrictions that you and your people get caught up in while planning your foursome. If you really want it to happen, you have to reduce it to the basic 5 Ws:

Who, What (boundaries), Where, When, and Why.

That being said, a bisexual foursome is fun to arrange, because you have the option or possibility of playing with two unicorns, maybe? And there is also the opportunity to engage in swordplay—swash(un)buckling—doing your version of scissoring, which may even end up as a docking.

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But have THE Conversation first, while everyone is present and accounted for. Go around the room and have everyone introduce the name they’d like to be called during your couples foursome, and share what erotic activities you would like or love to engage in. Also, be explicit about what erotic activities you would NOT like to participate in no matter what the circumstances are.

Discussing boundaries and being in agreement to respect all shared limits is necessary so that a wild bisexual couples foursome doesn’t turn into an abusive violation of any sort, and everyone walks away to fantasize about the next couples gathering.

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Foursome Tips for Bi Couples

Here are my tips for any couple who wants to have a fun, smooth, drama-free foursome, and have it be wild, but not chaotically traumatic!

1. Practice Safe Sex

In any and every bisexual foursome, there needs to be an over-abundance of condoms available. Any and every sex party in existence needs to have three times the condoms available for all patrons to have the safest sex humanly possible, and the constant encouragement of condom use, lubrication use, maybe dental dams if you care to, and any other type of safe sex option.

Safety is the main thing that allows bisexual/queer/kinky foursome fun to keep happening. Better safe than saying sorry!

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2. Be Discreet

Any couple in a foursome will probably not be encouraged by their neighbors to have the neighborhood be aware and openly celebrate such controversial behavior.  So, be silent about your foursome except to all the people who are going to be invited, and nobody else. Discretion is truly the better part of valor.

The better part of silence is protection from public judgement, and few things would receive ignorant random chatter than a bisexual foursome, so keep those cards close to the vest. Only guests should know about your foursome, until long after it happens… and even then, be very careful who you share the story with.

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3. Avoid Too Much Talk

Any bi foursome is going to need discussion between the participants to decide the 5 Ws and such. But please remember, there is a time to gather the branches to make the fire, and then there is a time to SPARK the damn campfire up for the warmth and melty marshmallows we came here to consume!

Answer all questions and solve all problems, but don’t keep on talking when you don’t need to. Excessive worrying is unnecessary, and there are certain things that will remain out of your collective control.

Have safety contingency plans, take care of the 5 Ws, have condoms and lube, food and drink, and a safe place to sleep, and you’re pretty damn good for your couples foursome. Anything else? Tell me while I’m taking my clothes off!

4. Explore Your Bi Possibilities and Positions

If both men are gay and/or participate in penetrative sex, your couples foursome might possibly break every possible barrier and boundary in the human fucking frontier of fornication! There are so many possible positions you can engage and indulge in if everyone can be penetrated. And if the women/femmes decide to adorn themselves with strap-on apparatus, then the fun multiplies even more.

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Have you ever seen the porn or sex work of Wolf Hudson? Spectacular bisexual business going on with that beautiful brother! I don’t even know the names of half the positions he gets in with some of his threesomes. Lots of scenes of the Lucky Pierre position, plus more I never knew existed.

The estimate of possible sexual positions I heard once was in the six-hundreds, and that’s just between TWO people! Add a third and fourth? 600 to the fourth power, is it?

Dream upward and do every damn thing you dream and hope in your bi foursome, baby!

Adhimu “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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