Romantic Relationships with Many Lovers

Numbers: Not a Game
(But the Best Work in the World… If You Can Get It!)

Variety is the sugar and spice of life, right? ‘Tis a truth that remains real, especially in the realms of what we feel. No matter what ¬†opportunity to choose whether or not you will engage and interact with ANYONE you ever cross paths with. Now, most people don’t normally try to connect, speak, kiss, hug, or become best friends with every single person they walk by in a day because sadly, that kind of extreme friendliness might frighten some of the recipients of such generous energy. That’s just the sociopathic savage sadness cultivated by a culture that practices spreading fear and separation and opposition and competition as its prime directive to perpetuate its capitalistic greed and exploitation of each other. But the truth is that we need each other, and we always will. No one is an island, and no one could survive very long only eating the same meal every single day for the rest of their life!

I say this to say: polyamory is the answer society has been waiting to rediscover for centuries! It has existed since time immemorial, and even predates marriage and dating lifestyles, and the options it provides a person ties perfectly into one of the most resonating clich√©s in life. We DO need variety; life does not consist of a lot of any one thing. So it’s nice to be able to negotiate the possibility of having more than one romantic relationship… IF THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT! Revisiting the food metaphor, if a person wants to only eat T-bone steaks and macaroni and cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day, they do have that option… but at some point, their body will actually breakdown and seek the nutrients in some of them green leafy vegetables and carrots and shit. This is just the nature of needing to balance reality. So, does your reality become balanced better with the love of one paramour like a sun for your earth to revolve around, or do you seek to have a perfectly balanced universe of partners, with a variety of planets orbiting the star of your heart? Know what you need.

I’ve been blessed to be presented with a variety of polyamorous lovers that are all open to sharing love and trust and honesty and intimacy these days… and I personally don’t feel any reason why I need to put a limit on who else I can bring into my heart! None of my lovers have requested to dominate my time to the point where I can not share enough quality time with any of the others to jeopardize the growth and passion in the relationship, and none of them have expressed any desire to limit or curtail my very erotic extracurricular schedule!

Love, truth, generosity, balance, awareness, compassion and compersion have all come to the table, and are part of the feast of life that I am partaking in so happily these days with a variety of heavenly goddesses. There is a variety of intimacy levels I have been reaching with each of these relationships, and I have been blessed beyond words to have a variety of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs met by all of these lovely women. No jealousy. No arguments. No drama. No competition. Just love and truth and presence.

And the numbers just grow! I’m not talking about the number of lovers, but the number of BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES THAT ARE CREATED TOGETHER EVERY SINGLE DAY!

If you want to increase the amount of love in your life… make the math happen!
You + someone else + love + anyone else you want = paradise!

Always in love,

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