Infinite Love in Polyamory Relationships

Is Your Love a Currency or a Bank?

Love cannot be defined. It it the most abstract, nebulous, enormous, undefinable, infinite idea and most limitless type of energy there is for us to experience as human beings in this thing we call “life”. That’s why I believe Love is best defined through metaphor, simile and parallel. There are infinite metaphors and similes we can use to express the ideas we all hold and feel about the Love that lives inside of us all, and I would like to share one that hopefully will expand your own definition of Love in a way that clarifies your heart’s emotions and mind’s perceptions in a more helpful way.

I feel that one of the most damaging and destructive beliefs about Love, is that it is finite. The idea that Love is limited, like the Earth’s supply of diamonds, is a fear that rips apart the dreams of hopeless romantics from Texas to Timbuktu. This concept is really insidious and erroneous, to be real. Saying Love is limited is about as foolish as saying “air is limited” or “sunlight is limited”. They are not. There is an infinite amount of certain resources in life for us to partake and indulge in, and they exist in overwhelming abundance from the moment of our very first breath until the moment of our very final death. The only way we can run out of breath is if we are strangled by someone, or are buried under earth or water. And we can never run out of sunlight unless it’s raining or it’s night time. The sun will not conserve its radiance in fear of “running out”.

So why do we feel the same with the Love we hold inside us? Does a mother fear she’ll “run out of Love for her children?” Does a father fear he’ll “run out of Love for his family?” I don’t think any rational, semi-objective sentient being can truly say with any logic in their mind, that they could run out of compassion, concern, and care for their child or for their most cherished friends and lovers without any crucial catalyst?

And that is where I connect my concept. If you were to think of your Love as a reservoir instead of a river, then you might feel like you are able to receive as much as you want instead of fearing it might dry up if you are not replenished like you request (which remains true). The idea is this: Love is either a currency you spend (depending on your physical time) or YOU are the Love that you spend (depending on your emotional space).

If a person thinks their Love is like money, then they will believe their Love can run out if they are not “working” for more of it (which would mean they are not receiving what they want in the relationship that keeps them there, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, economically, etc.). They will also possibly be seeking to receive as much Love Money as they can take. Yet if a person thinks their Love is a place where money is invested, then they will believe their Love can never run out, then they might be able to see every scenario as a Love transaction, and not a Love withdrawal. Business is done daily where Love is given and taken, and it doesn’t even matter, because you are more than the transactions of Love being shared between people, you are the establishment of the institution of Love itself, and even on a day off when you are closed (all banks are closed on Sundays), then you still have Love (aka money, but really, LOVE) inside you, just waiting to be spent on someone valuable.

Have fun with this idea! Love as (more than) money, and Love as the place where you hold all the Love that is invested in your direction.

Everybody is a Federal Reserve with multi-billion dollar resources, they just need to pay attention to what they want to spend their time discovering in their life about the riches they can treasure in the journey of Love!

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Always in Love,
Addi Stewart

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