Real Life Poly Experience: I’m in a Triad

This post comes from Tabitha, a reader in California…

I found myself in a triad (three-person relationship) when I fell in love with a guy who was already dating another girl. They had posted profiles on When I met them I wasn’t even sure what it meant to be polyamorous exactly. We were all somewhat into non-monogamy, but since coming together, we have learned so much about the importance of communication and honesty in situations like this. I was definitely an “amateur” before I found myself in this wonderful situation.

After I knew I wanted to be with the guy, we all started hanging out more – the three of us together. That’s when I also fell for the girl. Their chemistry turned into our chemistry and everything just fell into place. It was kind of intense to have new relationship energy with two people at the same time, but we soon started to do everything together.

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We went on fun vacations, had very naughty threesomes all the time, and dated each other together and separately. Now that the honeymoon period is over, we still do these things, but I find that our dates are often things like a snugly movie night instead of a hot night out on the town.

There have been some periods of jealousy for all of us, especially if one person goes away for a period of time and the other two become especially close while they’re away. It’s also been hard to manage the time, with us generally wanting one solo date with each person plus one threesome date per week. That takes up three nights and only leaves four nights for all the other stuff in life!

But when it works, it just works so well. It’s really worth all the hassle to have a little “extra” love in my life! We are planning to all move in together next year to a three bedroom apartment and I just can’t wait!

Where did you meet your poly partner(s)? Let us know in the comments!

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