Anal Masturbation for Women

Do women enjoy anal masturbation? Of course!

Here are some stories from real women about their experience with anal masturbation, plus discussion and tips for enjoying anal play alone.

Anal Masturbation Stories from Women

“I really enjoy anal sex but my husband and I have never done it. I know most men with a wife who loves it would think they’ve died and gone to heaven, but Ralph is a bit of germaphobe and he’s simply squeamish about that region. I accept this. Although we are polyamorous, I don’t take anal from other lovers simply because it’s more risky in terms of STIs. My husband and I are fluid bonded and we play it extremely safe with others. So the best way for me to enjoy anal stimulation and play is to do it myself. I sometimes masturbate with anal play. It’s very pleasurable and I’m satisfied with this arrangement.”

“I tried to enjoy anal sex with several different partners over the years but don’t. I enjoy anal pleasure, but not with my lovers. Is that weird? The nerve endings feel great but I simply can’t relax and let them go there. It’s too dirty and too intimate. Just like I don’t like lovers to eat me out when I’m menstruating, or even sex itself if it’s heavier flow days. Not into it. So if I want butt sensation, I do it with masturbation. I have a cute little butt plug and I use it in the bath.”

“I really come hard if there’s something in my ass, whether I’m with my partners or playing solo.”

“One of my lovers really got off on anal and I wanted to ‘learn’ how to please him even though I didn’t have any experience or desire for it. So I bought a butt plug and started to finger myself and penetrate myself anally, to train my ass I guess. To my surprise, I really loved the feeling, and the sex was fantastic. I’m with a woman now, and that’s not really what we do when we make love, but I still enjoy playing with my ass sometimes when I’m masturbating.”

“There’s just no way I can take a big cock up there. I’ve tried and it’s not comfortable at all. But I enjoy anal penetration with a slim finger or a small plug. I can do that myself, too.”

Exploring Anal Play Alone

Whether she loves taking it up the ass with a partner, or is of the never-have-never-will persuasion, or she doesn’t have a partner who enjoys that right now, a woman might enjoy anal masturbation.

You can too, of course! While today we are talking about the somewhat taboo topic of women and anal masturbation, erotic ass play while a man is jerking off solo can also be intensely pleasurable.

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I’m always surprised when someone doesn’t occasionally explore anal eroticism in masturbation. It’s understandable that some aren’t into anal with a partner—I don’t necessarily want to get into everyone’s ass myself! But in the privacy of my own pleasure, why deny myself some intense and sensational ecstasies?

Any anxieties about safety, germs, or dirt are a lot less relevant when masturbating because you can do it your way!

Some women have simply not discovered that anal stimulation can add a lot of pleasure to masturbation. Since a woman might not instinctively feel the urge to touch her ass, it may have simply been left out of the party. But there is no better time to explore the exquisite sensations of the many nerve endings of our butthole than when we are privately playing with ourselves.

4 Anal Masturbation Tips

1. Anal play does not have to mean penetration.

Strong preferences to avoid anal penetration do not have to preclude anal stimulation. Anyone can enjoy finger strokes, pressing, and sliding around with lube and there doesn’t have to be any penetration at all.

If a woman doesn’t want to play with a lover because they might push further past the boundary than she wants, she doesn’t have that worry when playing solo.

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Enjoy the experience of spreading your ass wide, of finger strokes around and around the hole, or across it, or between the anus and the vagina. Enjoy the feeling of warm water running down your ass crack in the bath or shower. Some showerhead settings feel amazing too.

2. Anal penetration IS amazing for lots of us.

Many women enjoy anal penetration, and derive pleasure from a man’s fingers or cocks, or on her own terms solo.

Penetration on my terms is obviously a lot easier when it’s just me. Some women don’t like navigating anal sex with a partner—thrusting can hurt, for example, or getting there can take a lot of time and patience a partner doesn’t always have.

Whether a woman enjoys partner anal or not, she might enjoy anal penetration by herself.

Make sure to use a flared dildo or a butt plug designed for the purpose so that it doesn’t get sucked into your body!

woman who loves anal masturbation

3. Solo sex is safer sex.

Always use lube if you are penetrating your ass, to avoid tears that can introduce bacteria from inside or outside.

Never touch your pussy with hands or toys that have touched your ass, even if they are clean. Bacteria from your ass doesn’t have to be a visible smear to cause vaginal infections. Microbes are microscopic!

Don’t stick carrots, light bulbs, pencils, cigars or anything else up your ass. Only use your fingers or a sex toy with a flared base.

4. Practice good anal play hygiene.

Wash your hands with soap and water before and after ass play.

Wash your toys with appropriate cleaner or soap and water before and after ass play.

Masturbate in the shower for super easy clean up!

Wash your ass, pussy, and hands thoroughly after anal masturbation.

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Do you indulge in anal play during masturbation? What tips are you willing to share?

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