Mutual Masturbation Tips for Poly Partners

Whether it’s one on one, or a threesome or moresome affair, there are many reasons why masturbating each other is hot, useful, and fun.

Try these mutual masturbation tips to enjoy mind-bending orgasms and creative ways of being together.

Talk dirty to me.

If you love to hear dirty words while you’re jerking off or getting a handjob, how about you do the talking while we’re jerking off each other? Say anything that comes to mind, and gauge my reaction and response as you focus on my pleasure.

Look each other in the eye.

We often close our eyes during sex, so we can feel complete abandon and let go. Enjoy amping up the intensity between all of you by sustaining eye contact throughout foreplay, mutual masturbation, and orgasm.

This is one way to really focus on intimacy and the erotic energy exchange, as well as to forge deeper bonds. It’s great during casual sex too, but for partners who have done it all a million times, it can reset that primal connection.

Take turns.

Mutual masturbation might technically mean fondling each other at the same time, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick to the technical rules. How about sequential masturbation?

Especially during a threesome or any sex involving more than two partners, taking turns with masturbating each other can mean two or three of you all focus on one person. This is visually exciting for the receiver as well as the rest of you, and it’s a wonderful way to indulge each other.

Experiment with techniques, sensations, and props.

Mutual masturbation is a great time to get imaginative. Forget the tried and true from time to time, and experiment with fun, sexy, or silly strokes. Vary your methods of touching each other, and don’t be limited by whether that move is inducing your orgasm or hers—concentrate on the endless variety of sensations. There’s no rush to the finish line!

The old in and out and up and down are great. But without rushing towards intercourse, mutual masturbation allows an amazing freedom to explore different sensations. Recently, a partner began tracing crisscross patterns over my vagina opening. It was nothing earth shattering at first, but soon the frustration of wanting to be entered began to build madly. It was amazing when he finally entered me with his fingers.

On another occasion, a partner opened my pussy with one hand, spreading it, and then used a feather to write love letters with the lightest touch just at the opening. It was silly, romantic, and searing hot.

Switch speeds.

Enjoy mutual masturbation on different occasions for different reasons.

Sometimes it’s a practical choice and a great way to reduce stress, relieve sexual tension, or energize for the day. Enjoy getting each other off quickly and efficiently—when you only have ten or fifteen minutes, you may as well have orgasms.

On other occasions, enjoy an unhurried afternoon without aiming for orgasm until the very end, if it all. Use the time that you and your partners are pleasuring each other to talk about your lives, joke around, and just enjoy each other’s company. Nap together, and when you stir, get back to stroking.

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