What to Know About Micropenis

Every guy wants a huge cock. Men of all ages stress over dick size. Even men with large penises fret about being too small.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re planning to do with a King Kong appendage, but it’s rare to find a guy who says, “I love my penis size and accept it as normal and healthy.”

Most guys who worry have perfectly normal penises. Those with small penises who worry ALSO have normal penises! The average penis ranges from just under four inches to seven inches. There are very few guys with big dongs—3% of the world’s men have 8 inches or over. Most are between four and six inches, making 5.3 inches the statistical average.

What is a Micropenis?

Some men have a micropenis. This is often a term of derision, but it is actually a genuine medical term. It is a hormonal or genetic abnormality, meaning a penis that is extremely small but structurally normal.

It happens in utero. You cannot “get” micropenis or develop it later. It is programmed during pregnancy, and you are born with it.

It usually refers to guys packing 3.5 inches or less, or 2.5 standard deviations below the average. Many men with a micropenis measure an inch or two. It’s very rare, affecting about half a percent of guys worldwide, and 0.015 percent of guys in the States (less than 2 in 10,000).

Nonetheless, this adds up to quite a few of you who got the short end of the stick, so to speak. There is nothing that can be done to enlarge an adult male micropenis, so treatment is centered on acceptance. If treated in infancy or before puberty, hormone therapy has sometimes helped the penis grow toward average.

Life With a Micropenis

The man with the micropenis has been made a mockery of in entertainment media, with women laughing at the big reveal. Men can also be cruel. Some guys with a micropenis have experienced humiliation during sex or after, when their partners shame them vindictively. Many men experience deep depression, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, or fear of sex altogether.

Others have satisfying sex lives, dating and marrying like anyone else. Some are polyamorous, some are kinky, and some are monogamous.

You can have sex, you can get married, you can have lots of partners, you can have threesomes, you can be a father, and you can do anything you want with a little sexual creativity and the right partner.

Micropenis Acceptance

If you have a micropenis and have not come to terms with your medical condition, make an appointment right now. Talk to a doctor or sex therapist about overcoming your fear and accepting your micropenis. You may benefit from a dating coach who can help you build a profile and work through your fears to find the sex you need and deserve.

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A penis is only one part of a man. While it can be challenging to date, face rejection, and fear disappointing women, changing your focus can radically improve your life. An honest approach might work best and save you the fear of rejection over penis size. It might be challenging, but it is possible to meet one or many lovers.

There are women who prefer small penises or have their own health issues who may find shallow or non-penetrative sex attractive. There are women who find personality, a sense of humor, or shared interests more important than penis size. There are women who may just like you a lot, and be happy with your fingers and a dildo, as well as fucking your cock. Find them.

For the record, I’ve had lovers with a micropenis. One was a perfectly normal lover, just on the small side but it didn’t strike me as that unusual. The other was very small, but we found lots of ways to play, and still do when we find ourselves in the same city. We focus on the sex acts we can do, not the ones we can’t!

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What dating or sex tips can you share for men with a micropenis?

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