How to Please a Poly Cougar

Lots of guys like you, have a thing for older women. Maybe dating mature women is an ongoing interest, or maybe you’ve met someone interesting who just happens to be older. Maybe you want to try something new because you like to have an exciting variety of adventures.

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In the polysphere, especially, we find ourselves exploring different kinds of relationships and sexual experiences. Maybe you’re with someone your own age, but you have an open door policy and a mature lady has caught your eye.

But how do you please an older woman?

Here are three important things to keep in mind.

DON’T pretend to be someone you aren’t.

If she’s a professor of history or humanities, and you’re her summer gardener, she’s not expecting you to brush up on your Sophocles. Don’t try to impress her with attributes that aren’t yours. If she wanted to talk about the philosophical disputes of the ancients, she’d have stayed late at school with her colleagues. She knows you’re the lawnmower man and that’s exactly what she wants.

On the other hand, if you’re an earnest seminary student or budding writer, then she wants to know about your plans for the world. She knows exactly who she said yes to dating. So be yourself.

DO give her the attention she deserves and craves.

Repeat after me: attention is the most important thing—it’s what a woman wants, needs, and deserves. Always.

Pay attention! Listen when she speaks, care about what she says and thinks enough to remember.

Kiss her, compliment her, notice her.

Give her attention in bed. She comes first.

When you’re with a mature woman who knows every trick in the book and who doesn’t have time to waste on men who aren’t interested in delivering what she wants, she’s not going to wait around hoping you’ll change.

DON’T make it all about her.

Say what?

I know, I know, this goes against everything you’ve heard before. And doesn’t it go against what I just said about paying attention?

No. Attention is important. But… when you’re with a mature woman, let her use you.

She wants your body. Let her enjoy your youth and virility and rock hard cock.

She has had many other lovers. She has many now. That’s why an older woman is so good in bed. She may even prefer, in general, men her own age or older for serious relationships.

But at this moment while she is in bed with you, she wants you. Let her explore and experience your body and the joy of giving you pleasure too.

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