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3 Reasons Sex is Better with Older Women

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Poly men are often more open to relationships that don’t always meet the status quo. This includes relationships with older women. As a lady who likes to hook up with younger men, I can tell you it’s a great dynamic. If you haven’t had sex with someone much older than yourself, you’re missing out. There are many things a mature woman can offer someone younger and better sex is definitely one of them!

3 Reasons to Hook Up with a Beautiful Older Woman

1. Sexual Experience
Most older women, especially cougars have had more experiences when it comes to sex. This is just a fact that corresponds to their age. And with experience comes confidence, with themselves and their bodies. Mature women know what they like and are not afraid to tell a man, whatever his age. This can be a refreshing change from younger women who don’t always understand or know how to express their sexual desires.

2. No Strings
Women who have been around the block know that sex is sometimes just sex, and that there’s  nothing wrong with satisfying our sexual needs. Many women hit their libido high in their thirties or forties. These insatiable hotties often want sex-only relationships, and younger men who can last, often fit the bill. How hot is a hookup with no hangups? Very!

3. BDSM and Kink
As women age, they become more willing and curious to try new things – don’t we all! Even the most demure older women will have a few tricks up their sleeves to show you in the bedroom. If you have a fetish or sexual proclivity that you’ve been anxious to share with past girlfriends, you will be hard-pressed to meet an older women who will be shocked by your fantasies.

Meet older women now at! And if it’s kinky cougars you want to hook up with, check out!

What’s your experience with older women?

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