Easy Ways to Improve Your Dating Profile

Whether you’re new to online dating or you’ve been around the dating site block more than once, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to your profile. It really isn’t something you should do half-heartedly if you’re serious about meeting people, even if just for casual relationships. I’ve helped more than a few friends with maximizing their profiles, and the same issues seem to crop up. So… here are a few easy steps to making the most of your online dating profile.

Fill Out all the Sections/Categories
A profile that is only half filled out screams “lazy” to potential partners. If you can’t take the time to write about yourself and what you’re looking for, how can someone expect you to take the time to really get to know them.

Be Descriptive and Specific
You are a unique individual and what makes you special should stand out. If a profile asks you to name the five things you can’t live without, “water, food, air, etc…” isn’t going to cut it. List what makes you YOU, whether that’s “midnight runs in the park” or “the sound of my dog sneezing”, it’s the quirks that attract.

Use Recent Eye-Catching Photos
The first thing a potential mate sees when browsing through a site are the profile photos. Be sure to choose more than one (at least four) that show you in different positions, lighting, and activities. One head shot should be included, and don’t forget to smile. It’s also recommended to update/rotate your pics every few months.

Update Information Regularly
When I recognize a man who has been on a dating site for a couple years or more, I sometimes check out their profile to see if it’s any different. I’m always shocked to see some that haven’t changed one bit, profile or pictures! I’m sure they’ve changed and grown from the time they first joined the dating site, at least I hope so!

Proofread Your Profile
If grammar and spelling aren’t your strengths, please have a friend who you trust to do it for you. Badly written profiles are just a quick turn off. When you do meet up for a first date, instant chemistry or a growing attraction make bad writing skills fade away.

Remember: all these tips go a long way to show other members that you care!

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