7 Benefits of Regular Sex

I know, I don’t have to convince you! You know instinctively that regular sex is good for your mind, body, and soul. You’re happier and healthier when you’re having lots of it.

Still, it’s good to be aware of those specific benefits of frequent sex. Here are just a few.

Benefits of Having Regular Sex

1. Regular sex bonds you and your partners.

Sex is a very important part of intimacy, love, and connection. It’s an essential bond and gives you memories and experiences that are pleasurable. It can also help to heal rifts or express affection and love even when you are having differences. Hormones released during sex reinforce closeness and trust.

2. Sex is brain food.

Don’t skip the fish and crossword puzzles—there are lots of ways to keep your brain sharp. But regular sex is one way that is often overlooked.

Having sex helps generate new brain cells, and adults past middle age who engage in regular sex have better memories and better learning retention than those who don’t.

3. Sex relieves stress and anxiety.

The intimate connection with loved ones and the physical effects of hormone releases work together to provide safe stress outlets.

Think of it as a self-care practice for two, or more. Sex can address all five dimensions of health: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual.

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4. Regular sex means better sleep.

People who have sex regularly have a better night’s sleep.

While men tend to fall asleep quickly after orgasm, and women take longer to wind back down, sleep patterns are sounder across the board if you’re having consistent sex. And sleep is a major benefit to health, mental health, immunity, weight loss, and transition periods of life like menopause.

5. Frequent sex wards off the common cold, flu, and other illnesses.

Take a dose of vitamin sex along with your vitamin C!

Regular sex helps your body’s immune system. There are countless germs and viruses that come our way every day. Some people catch everything and some avoid most of them. So much depends on how strong your immune system is.

Your immune system needs fresh air, exercise, nutritious food, sunshine, hygiene, sleep, social connections—AND SEX.

6. Orgasm leads to longer lives.

Regular climaxes feel great, but also benefit longevity. They keep blood circulating, and help balance hormones and endorphins.

If your or her orgasm has become predictable—when and how it happens—start experimenting with orgasm denial and delay, or what BDSM folks call edging.

7. Use it or lose it.

People who have more sex now, on average, have more sex in the future. Making sex a regular part of your life and prioritizing it is not just fun but helps predict more sex later.

Just like any habit. When you make something important, you are more likely to make a habit of it. If you want to have frequent sex when you are older, having frequent sex now is one of the best guarantees.

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Are you having frequent, regular sex already? What benefit do you enjoy most?

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