How to Have Sex (almost) Every Day

An older friend and occasional lover recently told me her secret to health and happiness and feeling youthful: when she was twenty, she vowed to have sex every day of her life.

She is forty now and says she has been mostly faithful to her pledge. There were rare occasions of flu or travel or other circumstances that meant missing a day, which she filled in with masturbation.

Here are the tips she shared with me for great daily sex.

How to Have Sex Every Day (almost)

Have Willing Partners

Of course you want your partners to be willing and consenting, but you also have to have a partner in the first place. Not having a partner is your biggest obstacle to frequent sex, so she made it a priority from day one to make sure she was dating.

Polyamory is really helpful here, because you usually don’t get stuck empty handed when a relationship dissolves or changes. But there are lots of hot monogamous couples who love making love every single day too.

Need to find partners? See our guide to polyamory dating sites.

Make Sex a Priority

We do what’s important to us. If you only have shopping, jogging, and work deadlines on your to-do list, sex will take a backseat. Workaholics might benefit from relaxing with a partner in bed, but if they aren’t willing to make time for it the way they prioritize networking or continuing education, they won’t get laid every day.

You want to address the importance of sex in your relationship and keep it in top place, instead of making it the first thing to go when life gets busy.

Stop Making Excuses

Some of the main excuses we have for not having sex include being too busy, feeling fat, getting old, being with someone for a long time, not wanting to bother “getting out there,” and criticizing your partner’s imperfections or personality.

None of these fly for someone who has sex every day. You need to be realistic about your body and your partners’ bodies. People of all ages, shapes, abilities, and relationship variations have sex. Being too busy simply means someone’s not making time for one of the best things in life.

Relax with Sex instead of Netflix

Everyone has time for TV. Even if you’re only watching half an hour a day, that’s an easy place to choose sex instead. There are many benefits to sex that make it a much healthier option to sitting still on the couch.

Embrace the Quickie

Sex doesn’t always have to be a big production. You can get in a good hard fuck while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew, and it’s an even better wake up. My friend says she and her main partner have a fifteen-minute thing—they have a quickie whenever they can find those precious minutes. So if the kids are coming home in half an hour or dinner’s in the oven or a work client is calling soon, then they have time for a hot quickie.

Get Creative during Pregnancy, Illness, or Menstruation

Don’t skip sex just because it’s inconvenient. Most women don’t feel like being penetrated when their having their period, but those days are perfect to give an old fashioned blowjob. When her partner broke his leg playing soccer, instead of going without, he got handjobs. When she felt wretched during pregnancy, and not very sexy, his hand was there to help her feel feel sexy and positive and healthy.

Not every day is right for an all night fuckfest, but any kind of sex makes life better.

What do you think? Is sex every day a possibility? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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