The Art of The Quickie

While in some cases a marathon sex session is desirable, there are many times where time constraints, stamina, and life’s other obligations make a three-hour sex session impossible; and frankly, sometimes you just want to get off and get on with other things, whether it’s on to the next activity or just going to sleep. While long, drawn-out love making certainly has it’s place (unique and exciting sexual experiences should be savored), when you’re getting down with your primary partner for the 1,000th time and you have life’s other demands to contend with, sometimes a quickie is just the thing to reinforce your mutual bond and release your built-up tension.

While by definition, when squeezing in a quickie you’re under no psychological obligation to provide the best sexual experience ever, the spontaneity and urgency of the encounter can add quite a bit, making it an extremely satisfying to both partners. We mentioned spontaneity as a big turn-on, having an impromptu quickie when you’re not expecting it, in the car, in the bathroom or somewhere where getting caught can add a great deal of excitement to the encounter;¬†though use your head, no one wants to get arrested at their offspring’s soccer game.

That you are going into a sexual encounter anticipating a speedy climax doesn’t mean you should skip kissing. Making out is the best (and fastest) way to sexual arousal, and it makes your quickie feel much more intimate. Females need to get their juices flowing, so by all means passionate kissing is one bit you should not omit. Keeping your clothes on can be a big turn-on, and contributes to the sense of urgency and animalistic drive to copulate as quickly as possible. It’s also likely different from your “normal” routine. “I MUST have you NOW” is a compelling statement, and keeping your clothes on certainly reinforces the point.

A change of venue, getting it on in the shower, in your car, or in the bathroom while visiting your friend’s house are always more exciting than the same-old, same-old of doing it yet again in your bedroom. Again, the surprise of getting some when you least expect it, the thrill of new surroundings, and the possibility of getting caught can turn the excitement of the situation up to eleven, making a coupling that only lasts a few minutes a truly exciting one indeed!

Are you a master of the quickie? Care to share what you love about it?

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