4 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for a Polycule

When you think of a date, you probably think of going out to a restaurant or to the movies. When that’s not possible, there are plenty of ways to connect from home. Remote gatherings have gained in popularity lately, and that’s good for polycules that want to have fun and continue to nurture individual and group relationships.

Here are some ways to keep that poly fires burning when you can’t get out to brunch or to the sex club.

4 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

1. Cyber Games Night

Did you know that Zoom offers more than just video conferencing? There’s a whole range of games available to play, some of which are super entertaining.

There’s a cyber version of Cards Against Humanity, called Remote Insensitivity, that my polycule will most definitely try. There’s the ever-popular drinking game Never Have I Ever that’s sure to get a least a few of you buzzed. You can even play Dungeons and Dragons online! Of course, there are other more PG games to explore, but where’s the fun in that?

2. Online Watch Party

Facebook, Netflix, Zoom, and Chrome all provide services that allow you to watch streaming video in real time with your friends. Choose a movie or concert to watch together or—if you and your polycule are feeling it—some porn.

I know it’s not quite the same as hanging out in person, but this type of online connecting can go a long way towards making us all feel a little less lonely. Make a standing date of it, and give everyone a turn at choosing what to watch. Pop some popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy!

3. Group Sex à la  Zoom

If you and your partners are feeling horny, why not engage in some virtual group masturbation? Make use of Zoom’s false backdrop feature to create the illusion of being somewhere exotic, or taboo. If some members of your polycule live together and share a bed, watch them fuck. Imagine you’re in the middle of an orgy, or a voyeur who likes to spy. Maybe you want to fulfill that hot cuckolding fantasy you’ve been dreaming of?

Always check that everyone is game and on the same page before whipping it out for the camera!

4. Truth or Dare

I could have included it in the above games section, but this iconic pastime deserves its own shout out. While somewhat primitive compared to the other games I mentioned, it can be an effective—and potentially sexy—way to get the know new partners. Just be sure that consent remains at the heart of your fun, and don’t reveal anything you learn in the course of truth telling to anyone outside your polycule (unless you’ve been granted permission to do so).

Things might get a little wild, so prepare yourself psychologically, and be sure to play over a secure internet connection.

What suggestions do you have for stay-at-home poly fun? Leave them in a comment!

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