What to Include in Your Polyamory Dating Profile

There are three basic approaches to creating an online dating profile. There’s the minimalist approach which leaves plenty of room for intrigue. There’s the this-is-what-I-had-for-breakfast-lunch-and-dinner approach which leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. And there’s the ideal middle-ground profile that highlights just the right amount of information.

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When planning out your poly profile, you definitely don’t want to go the minimalist route. Anyone who’s interested in meeting you and potentially becoming a member of your polycule will be expecting a certain degree of transparency right from the start.

Details to Include in Your Poly Profile

Relationship Status

Any of your potential partners will want to know what kind of relationship they are entering into. There’s an immense difference between dating someone who’s currently single and someone who has a partner of thirty years.

The difference is especially important if you’re hoping for a kitchen-table poly dynamic. Failing to mention anything about your current relationship status would constitute a huge red flag for most.

Desires and Intentions

It’s important to really spell out what you’re looking for in a new relationship. On mono dating sites you can be a little more vague or use handy short forms, like NSA.

In the polysphere, there are so many more options for how you might wish to structure things, so be as detailed about it as you feel you can. This might require some serious thinking about what you really want before putting yourself out there, but that’s not a bad thing regardless.

Age, Education Level, Dependants…

I’m not suggesting that poly lovers are more shallow when it comes to superficial details about their potential dates, but that transparency is such a core principle in the poly community that dishonesty about even small things early on can tarnish your dating reputation.

The poly community is relatively small, so word travels fast. Also, it’s just a good idea in general to be open and upfront with the people you hope to bring into your life.

Availability for Commitment

How deep into a new relationship are you willing to go? How much time do you have to spend? Are you looking for a primary or secondary partner? How many partners do you currently have? These are all things that someone looking at your profile will want to discover.

It’s okay to share the more complex details in a private message, but you should be prepared to divulge things early on. There are many different ways to have a poly relationship, so the more in depth you go in terms of what you have to offer, the more chance you have of drawing the right people to your profile.

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