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First Time Polyamory Experience: Part 2

Two Women and Man in Bed

Part 2: Meeting a Poly Couple

After a couple of emails (I hate chatting too long online before meeting), I met with Trayvon at a bar. I did have a shot before he showed up to help calm my nerves. When he walked in I thought, wow! he’s hotter than his profile pic. I laughed to myself, can’t waste those looks on just one woman, I guess.

He didn’t waste time with small talk, which I appreciated, and began explaining his relationship with his girlfriend and how it evolved into a polyamorous relationship. I was intrigued and attracted to his honest approach. He wasn’t trying to convince me or make me feel naive about open relationships which in turn led me to being frank about my inexperience and reluctance.

I found myself asking a lot of questions about his girlfriend, Janice. He showed me pictures of the tall, striking blonde – very attractive. He said they date separately but love when someone is willing to share their bed as a threesome. I have to say, when he was talking about this, it made me wet.

Maybe I was too young and insecure to truly enjoy being in a threesome before. Treyvon invited me over to their place for dinner, no pressure, just a chance to meet Jan and get to know her. I could decide after if I wanted to continue.

Excited for the dinner, I bought a new dress and got my hair cut. They had a lovely condo with a spectacular view. They gave off great energy that made me feel comfortable as soon as I arrived. I couldn’t take my eyes off Janice and felt excited when Trayvon openly flirted or kissed her. When Janice went to the washroom he sat beside me on the couch and massaged my breast while licking my neck, and when she came back he didn’t stop. The old me would have jumped up and probably ran off, but it felt good, him touching me and her watching. It felt better than good.

Janice sat with us and played with my hair while Treyvon slid his hands up my thighs. I thought I might come right then. Things slowed down when Jan suggested we sit on the balcony to look at the stars. The three of us were all touchy and I did kiss Jan a couple of times. The night ended without going to the bedroom which surprised and somewhat disappointed me, although it did give me more time to think about what I wanted.

Since that first encounter I’ve hooked up with Treyvon once at my place and it was great. And I didn’t feel bad at all for Jan as I’d already met her and understood their poly lifestyle. I’m planning to see T again, just the two of us, but I’m not ruling out a sexual encounter with them both.

I hope by sharing my story that others who have not tried a poly relationship will be open to the idea. Also, that my experience lets poly couples know that with the right approach, finding a virgin third is possible. Check out  Polyamorydate.com to find the poly relationship you are looking for.

Part 1: Diving into the Poly Pool

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