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Dating Compatibility: Is Being Polyamorous Enough?

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When Poly People’s Politics Aren’t Polite

Sometimes, there’s no hope it can work out. Really, it’s just oil and water. You both are poly. But so what? She wants multiples.  You want a single. She wants to go to the nude beach. You want to stay in and binge-watch NetflixShe wants Italian food. You want Japanese food. You want to massage her feet. She hates them being touched, most of the time. Sometimes it just can’t be. And there’s nothing more honorable than NOT wasting energy trying to put a round heart in a square chest.

There are poly people who don’t like BDSM.

There are poly people who don’t like orgies.

There are poly people who don’t like having sex with people under the age of thirty.

There are poly people who don’t like being public about their sexuality.

There are poly people who LOVE being exhibitionist in sex clubs.

There are poly people who LOVE public displays of affection.

There are poly people who LOVE to dress up in black shiny latex.

There are poly people who LOVE to only dress up in furry animal gear.

And the list goes on. Forever. (Thank goodness!)

The bottom line is: all these people are NOT going to match, just because they identify as poly. Like any other monolithic mass of people, there are differences that unite and there are similarities that separate!

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There’s no reason to force the impossible. Some women just won’t happen for you. And they might be very promiscuous women who have no problem loving your friends and family! But for some reason, it just won’t happen for you.

And that’s just life and love in a nutshell. Nobody wins them all. And nobody loses them all, and if they do, they should probably start looking for ways to improve their skills. (It just takes dedication and desire!)

So yeah, there is no real major insight to delve into in this post. The surface is the center: NOT EVERYONE IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE, even in the realm of polyamorous passion!

Accept it, and move on to the next person you dream to be with.

Being able to let go of expectations is probably one of the silent saving graces of polyamory…

You’ll believe it when you need to feel it.

In love, not attachment,
Addi Stewart

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