How to Move On from Heartbreak

Breakups are the worst. The good news in polyamory relationships, is that there’s the possibility that you have another partner to support you through the heartbreak. Having had lots of experience in breakups, letting someone go and being let go, I’ve found some things help much more than others when getting back on your feet after a relationship ends.

If you’ve found yourself without a partner, use these tips to see you through to the other side…

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Misery loves company but you don’t want to spend too much time at the self-pity party. Hang out with friends and family who lift your spirits and push you to participate in fun activities. You know who they are.

Be Gentle with Yourself

You’ll be tempted to ask yourself a lot of “what if” questions about why the relationship ended or how breakup could have gone better, but this will only make the process of moving on that much longer. Accept the reality and begin to let go. Don’t play the blame game.

Move Forward

Often couples who decide mutually that they should be apart, try to keep hanging out. I know very few relationships that can make that transition to friendship, at least not without some distance after the breakup. If you are serious about finding a long-term partner, consider cutting ties with your recent lover.

Find a Focus

Most of us have new things we’d love to try or learn how to master. This is is the perfect time because you have more time! Taking up a new activity is a great way to distract yourself from dwelling on the past. It’s also a step towards self-improvement, making you all the more attractive to future partners.

Be Patient

Don’t expect to be miraculously ready to begin dating or that every good day means the heartbreak is gone. Moving on after a relationship takes a while, and time truly is the great healer. You don’t need to start dating after three months just because that’s what a friend did. We all move at our own speed. You’ll know when it feels right.

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What helps you move on after a breakup? Do you begin dating right away?

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